2-Ingredient Playdough Recipe (Without Flour!)

  • Author: Amy Palanjian
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Total Time: 10
  • Yield: Makes 2 balls 1x
  • Category: Play
  • Method: No Cook
  • Cuisine: N/A


Use any natural conditioner with a scent you and the kids don’t mind, or use an unscented one. This makes enough for two kids to play with, so you can divide the recipe in half to make a smaller amount.


  • 2 cups corn starch
  • 1/2 cup hair conditioner
  • food coloring (optional)


  1. Add the cornstarch and the conditioner to a bowl.
  2. Mix together with your hands and gradually add 1/2-1 cup water as you mix and knead until it forms a ball of dough.
  3. Add 1-3 drops of food coloring to color the playdough if desired. (The food coloring will get on hands as its mixed in, but it will wash off eventually!)
  4. Play!


Add the water slowly and work it in like you were kneading bread until you have a soft ball of dough.

If the dough is still crumbly, continue adding a small amount of water at a time.

Add food coloring to make it colorful or leave it out.

Use conditioner with a neutral scent or choose something unscented.

I’ve also heard that a lot of people have had success using lotion instead of conditioner.

To store, place the playdough into a plastic storage bag, remove as much air as possible, and seal.

If it feels a little stiff the next time you go to use it after storing it in a bag, knead in a few drops of water until it softens up.

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