Thinking up fun things to do with kid at home can be a challenge in normal times, but even more so if home is literally the only place you can be! Here are my 50 current favorite things to do with the kids, from my one year old on up to my big kid.


Fun Things to Do at Home With Kids

Keeping the kids entertained and happy is a tall order, but there are simple ideas you can use to make regular days a little more fun. These ideas use things you may already have around the house to create, play, and do together. None of them are very complicated, but each is an idea you can use when you run out of your go to kids activities.

TIP: Some of these may work better for your family than others depending on what your living situation is and whether or not you have a backyard.


Kids Activities to Do Outside

Get some fresh air and try these fun outside activities the next day that the sun is out. You can do most of them anytime of the year, though the water activities may go over better when it’s warm!

1. Color with Sidewalk Chalk

Make pictures or messages for each other or people walking by.

2. Make Chalk Hopscotch

Draw out a grid and show the kids how to hop from one square to the next. (Does anyone know how to do hopscotch for real?:)

3. Make Chalk Footprints

Draw paw prints, dinosaur prints, or any other prints to make a path down the walkway.

4. Blow Bubbles

Always a hit!

girls-having-picnic-with-stuffed-animals5. Have a Picnic

Spread out a blanket (and skip sweeping up the crumbs inside!).

6. Play in a Sprinkler

Classic fun for warmer weather.

7. Play with a Baby Pool of Water

Fill a baby pool (or baby tub) with a few inches of water, get out some plastic cups, and let the kids play how they like.

8. Wash Toys

Add plastic toys to the baby pool and a little soap and let the kids wash them with a sponge.

9. Water Plants

Let the budding gardeners help with plant maintenance.

coloring-bark-with-sidewalk-chalk10. Color Bark with Chalk

Pick up bark from around trees and color with sidewalk chalk.

11. Color a Tree with Chalk

Give a tree a rainbow of rings or any other design the kids like.

12. Play in the Rain

Get out the umbrellas!

13. Paint Giant Boxes

Let the kids paint boxes outside to keep the mess in the grass.

14. Paint the Driveway/House with Water

Water and a paintbrush are all you need!


15. Collect Leaves, Petals, and Sticks and Make Names to Glue to Paper

We love to this activity and it’s fun to see which shapes work best for which letters.

16. Collect Pinecones or Leaves

Pick something to collect and go look for it in your yard.

17. Make Bark or Leaf Rubbings with Paper and Crayons

Show the kids how to see the designs they’ve rubbed off.

18. Work in the Garden

Make a special area just for the kids or have them help with yours.

19. Read Books Outside

A simple change of scenery can help make it seem more fun.

20. Look at Clouds

Spread out a blanket and see what kinds of designs you can see.


Fun Things to Do Indoors with Kids

21. Have a Family Dinner Date

Make invitations and a menu and have a special dinner with your family.

22. Dress Up in Fancy Clothes for Dinner

Pull out your fanciest clothes, do your hair, and let the kids do the same!

23. Have a Dance Party

Turn on some tunes and dance together.

24. Do Yoga

Cosmic Kids yoga is so fun!

25. Make a Ball Pit

Fill a baby pool with balls and play!


26. Cut Out Melon with Cookie Cutters

Slice a melon into strips and let the kids cut out shapes to eat.

27. Cook Together

Pick a recipe for kids and make it together.

28. Chop Foods with Kid Knives

Practice the basics with kid safe kitchen tools.


Fun Pretend Play to Do at Home

29. Have a Stuffed Animal Parade

Set them up in a row and make some music!

30. Have a Picnic with Stuffed Animals

Invite the lovies along to lunch.

31. Play Tea Party

Set out a pretend (or real!) tea party.

32. Play Dress Up

Then pretend you’re going somewhere fun!

33. Play School and Read Books to Each Other

This works best if the reader is on a chair and the rest are on the floor criss cross applesauce style!

34. Play Kitchen and “Cook” for Each Other

You may be surprised at what the kids want to serve you.

35. Play Restaurant and Take Orders and “Cook”

Ask the kids to come up with their menu and restaurant name.

robot drawing on kraft paper

Fun Art Projects to Do at Home

36. Make a Mural on Kraft Paper

Cover the table with brown kraft paper and make a giant work of art together.

37. Paint Coffee Filters with Water Color Paint

Cut them into shapes or just flatten and paint. Then you can hang in windows like suncatchers!

38. Finger Paint

Always fun, always a mess!

39. Paint the Bathtub with Washable Paint

This works well if you’re worried about kids and paint in other areas of your house.


40. Paint with Dot Markers

Use them on paper, on cardboard, on egg cartons—they’re easy to hold and use!

41. Make Salt Dough

So fun if you have extra flour on hand.

42. Trace Your Hands

Then color them in!

43. Fill in a Cardboard Rainbow with Colorful Bits of Paper

This is such a fun idea from Art Bar Blog.

44. Paint Egg Cartons

Pull them out of the recycling and let the kids paint them however they like.


45. Color a Cardboard Box

This is a fun way to see how creative the kids can be.

46. Make Slime

It’s fun and weird!

47. Color Pictures to Mail to Friends

Snail mail is always a way to send more happiness.

48. Color Pictures to Decorate the Windows

For a holiday or just to brighten up the day.

49. Make a Puppet Theater or Show

And remember that it never has to be perfect!

50. Play with Stickers

Put them on paper, put them on yourself—it really doesn’t matter!

I’d love to hear your favorite activities to do at home, so please comment below to share!!

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