Feeding Toddlers 101

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Feeding Toddlers 101


Looking to improve the mealtime situation with your kids? Feeding Toddlers 101 is just for you.

This guide contains all of the advice you need to feed your little one well—without drama, fuss, or stress. Think of this guide as your key to creating an approach to mealtimes that will last you for years to come. 

Feeding Toddlers 101 contains everything you need to have happy, balanced, and drama-free mealtimes.

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In the book you'll find: 

p. 2 Introduction
p. 3 In My Kitchen
p. 5 All About Serving Sizes
p. 7 The Nutrients Your Toddler Needs
p. 11 What’s Normal (and What’s Not)
p. 13 What to do When Your Toddler Refuses to Eat
p. 16 Think Through the Words You Use at the Table
p. 18 Rethink “Kid-Friendly”
p. 20 Teach Toddler Table Manners
p. 21 Handling Treats…and Snack Food
p. 22 Help Your Toddler Try New Foods
p. 24 Bonus: Frequently Asked Questions

Quick, bullet-pointed chapters.
Parents of toddlers are busy, so this book is easy to read—with clear, actionable takeaways at the end of each section. 

Reality-based advice. 
The advice in this book is easy to implement—there's no need to scratch cook every meal or to completely rework your approach to food.

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