1. Siggi's Yogurt Tubes: Lower in sugar than almost any other kids yogurt and high in protein, these yogurt tubes are our favorite. (Hint: they are often on sale at Target).
2. Happy Baby Greek Yogurt: With fat, protein, and vitamins from the included fruits and veggies, these yogurt pouches can save mornings  when we need a filling meal or snack but are short on time.
3. Earth's Best Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie: These were a staple in lunch bags when we went on long trips when L was one. They are filling, tasty, and fun (who can argue with Sesame Street?)
4. Happy Tot Morning: With yogurt, chia seeds, whole grains, and fruit, this is a great pouch option for any time of the day.
5. Peter Rabbit Organics Pouches: There are a ton of fruit-based pouches out there, but I like the ones that include a fruit and a veggie since veggies are often so much harder to incorporate into a toddler's diet. (Though we do like the applesauce from GoGo Squeeze.)
6. Plum Organics Tots Fruit and Grain Mish Mash: A little more filling than a plain fruit or veggie pouch, this one features whole grains making it a solid snack or meal component. Another good one that's filling and high in nutritious calories: Ella's Kitchen Baby Brekkie.

Puffs and Bars
1. Plum Organics Baby Super Puffs: While these aren't the most filling snack, they win for ease, flavor, and fun star shapes. It's also a nice way to get in some greens and veggies.
2. Happy Puffs: These were one of the early finger foods in our house after L had mastered the pincer grasp. They dissolve quickly, making them good for newer eaters, and come in a rainbow of flavor options.
3. Nibbly Bars: Before I could find a soft enough homemade granola bar recipe to send in lunches, these were our go-to. (They also hold up well in a diaper bag, so I almost always had one in mine.)
4. Larabars: This is a great snack to split with your toddler since it's made of whole ingredients and many of the varieties (blueberry, apple pie, lemon, cherry pie) are very soft at room temperature. Break off little pieces for younger eaters.
5. 18 Rabbits Jr. Organic Granola Bars: We picked up one of these as a treat in the Chicago airport and boy did it go over well. It features whole grains and lower sugar than many competing brands of granola bars. Plus, they just taste good.

Crisps and Crackers
1. Happy Munchies: With a texture sort of like a rice cake, these little crisps are a nice snacking option for one and two year olds. Bonus: Each flavor contains a fruit and a veggie.
2. Bare Snacks Apple Chips: These crunchy apple chips are for older toddlers (2ish and up) due to the texture, but they are a great option for that age group. My toddler and I like to share a bag (though she sometimes keeps a whole one for herself).
3. Kashi Original 7 Grain Crackers: These are (along with a version from Trader Joe's) are our go-to basic cracker. They are great for dipping and for making tiny nut butter or cheese sandwiches.
4. Sweet Potato and Cinnamon Crackers: Slightly sweet and slightly savory (with a hint of sea salt), these crackers are slightly addictive. They are a nice flavor break from standard crackers.
5. Lentil Crackers: Gluten-free, crisp, and with a nice dose of fiber and protein, these lentil-based crackers are surprisingly delicious. Try them with hummus or slices of cheese.
6. Bunny Grahams: In my book, these are pretty close to a cookie, so they are reserved for more special treats. But the shape is a total crowd pleaser, as is the flavor.

Fruit Snacks
1. Stretch Island Fruit Leather: Ideal for long car rides (or canoe trips, as we learned last summer), fruit leather is a great back up when fresh fruit is either too messy or unavailable.
2. Little Duck Tiny Fruits: Great for even younger toddlers, these little bite-sized fruits are freeze dried—so they pack a punch of flavor and dissolve quickly in the mouth.
3. Nature's All Foods Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries: With slightly larger pieces than the Tiny Fruits, these shelf-stable fruit snacks are crunchy, flavorful, and really nutritious. They are great out of the bag or added to oatmeal or yogurt.
4. Happy Creamies: With fruit, veggies, and a coconut base, these little snacks are a nice way to occasionally mix things up.
5. Bunny Fruit Snacks: Ah, bunny snacks. These are L's all time favorite treat ever and we treat them as a special food. They are a great option for birthday party treat bags, long travel days, or even Easter baskets and holiday stockings.
6. Fruit & Veggie Shredz: Grandma was the first one in my family to buy these for L the summer after she turned one and she loved them. They are a fun texture, easy to chew, and are a nice treat on special occasions.

(Each image links to an amazon page through my affiliate account, or directly to the manufacturer's website. I am recommending them here solely because they make feeding toddlers easier—and I wish I had this sort of a list when my daughter was younger.)