10 Best Toddler Travel Toys

These will help keep the kids entertained and happy on road trips, on planes, and on the go.

Water Wow Painting Books:  These no-mess coloring books, which work with water pens that you fill with water, have saved more trips than I can count.


Fidget Spinners: When stuck in a seat for a long period time, a fidget spinner can give little bodies have an outlet for their energy.


Busy Board:  Loaded with pockets, puzzles, laces, sensory toys, buckles, shape sorters, and more, a busy board bag can help provide a lot of entertainment for curious kids.


Reusable LCD Writing Tablet:  Easier to keep track of than crayons and paper and mess-free, this LCD tablet is so fun for kids of all ages.


Mangatile Quibix:  A smaller, more portable version of classic Magnatiles, these 3-D magnetic blocks are great for problem-solving skills and work like magnetic puzzles to take on the go.


Colored Masking Tape:   Tape is the unsung MVP of traveling with kids, so here’s why you should consider including it in your kid’s bag on your next trip: It’s endlessly versatile!


Yoto Mini:   Designed to tell stories, play music, and share podcasts for the kids, this kids player is a forever favorite.


Kids Headphones:   Comfortable headphones are essential for making tablets and devices easy for the kids to use—without making everyone else around us listen to Bluey.


Click the link below to see the rest of my travel toy recommendations, as well as links for everything mentioned here. Happy traveling!