10 Easy Hot Lunch Ideas

With my go-to list, it’s easier to make and serve (or pack!) hot lunches for school, day care, or preschool.

Egg Muffins with Crackers


Make a batch of egg cups whenever you have time, stash them in the fridge, then warm them up for lunch.

Pizza Bites with Fruit


Pizza Bites (either my homemade recipe or store-bought) hold well in a thermos. Warm them, pack them, and add simple sides like milk and fruit.

Alphabet Soup and Crackers


This simple soup—or any soup you like, whether canned or homemade—can be packed in a thermos or warmed to serve at home.

Leftover Pancakes with Veggies and Applesauce


Whenever you have pancakes left from a weekend breakfast, freeze them to use for easy future hot lunches.

Breakfast Burrito and Fruit


Combine scrambled eggs, cheese, and beans into a simple burrito—or warm up a frozen one like the bean and cheese ones from Annie’s—for a satisfying hot lunch option.

Pesto Pasta and Fruit


If we have leftovers or I’m looking for an easy pasta recipe to make for lunch, this pesto pasta is a great option.

Pizza Muffin, Yogurt Tube, Fruit


Pizza Muffins store really well in the fridge and just need a quick reheat before serving or packing.

Scrambled Eggs, Salad, and Fruit


Scrambled eggs are quick and easy—you can even make them in the microwave in about a minute. You can stir in some shredded cheese or spinach.

10 Easy Hot Lunch Ideas

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