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10 Homemade Snacks to Make in 5 Mintues

With easy, kid-approved recipes and ideas by Amy Palanjian

Nourish hungry kids (and adults!) with these easy homemade snack ideas. Each can be made in 5 minutes or less using simple, healthy ingredients.

Aim to include 2 food groups, at least, in most snacks so they're satisfying and filling. Add milk or water as needed."

6 Fast Tips For  Easy Snacks

01 Pair at least 2 food groups.

03 Serve with milk or water.

04 Adjust portions per hunger.

 05 Include protein and fat.

06 Let the kids help.

Yogurt Smoothie

Add equal parts whole milk yogurt and frozen berries to a blender and blend smooth to make a creamy smoothie,

Fruit Wands

Add a mix of fruit to paper lollipop sticks to make a fun fruit snack. Pair with milk or cheese to add more protein and fats.

Cottage Cheese and Fruit

Add diced canned or fresh fruit to whole milk cottage cheese for a protein-packed snack for kids.

Sandwich Cubes

Dice up a sandwich (this is great for leftovers) into little cubes for a snack that's easy to pop into their mouth.

Eggs and Crackers

Pair hard-cooked eggs with whole grain crackers for a simple, yet satisfying snack. Add seasoning as desired.

Oatmeal Bar and Fruit

Pair a homemade or store bought oatmeal bar with a side of fresh fruit for an easy, appealing kids snack.

Crackers with Fruit

Spread almond butter or sunflower seed butter onto graham crackers and top with fruit.

Yogurt Dip and Fruit

Stir together yogurt and almond butter to make a healthy yogurt dip for fresh fruit.

Recipes by Amy Palanjian

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