10 Easy Summer Lunch Ideas

These easy summer lunch ideas are here to help you offer nutritious lunches that are quick, yummy, and perfect for warm days—for kids and adults.

Smoothie with Muffins


This is a Cherry Smoothie with Sugar-Free Banana Muffins as an example of an easy lunch built around a smoothie.

Hummus and Pita


Little wedges of slightly warmed pita with hummus—either Homemade Hummus or store-bought—is a really easy lunch option.

Pesto Pasta Salad


We love Pesto Pasta Salad for easy summer meals and it’s great to pack for lunch since it’s good cold or at room temperature.

Bagel Sandwich


You can dice this up into small pieces for younger kids or use a mini size bagel. Spread on cream cheese and jam, PB&J, SB&J or hummus.

Deconstructed Taco


You can serve a regular bean and cheese taco of course, or serve it deconstructed like this for younger kids who aren’t quite up to the coordination it takes for a regular taco.

Cheese and Crackers Lunch Box


This is an easy idea that’s great all year round and it’s super versatile. Shown here are Triscuits, a cheese stick, pepperoni, snap peas and diced mango.

Pizza Quesadillas 


These are super easy and so yummy! Simply make a quesadilla as you usually would, adding a thin layer of pizza sauce with the shredded cheese.

Uncrustables with Easy Sides


Homemade Uncrustables are easy to make and my kids always get so excited to see them for lunch! You can use any fillings you like and you can make them ahead too.

Yogurt and Granola


Breakfast for lunch is always fun, and it’s also really nice on a warm summer day. Here I have it in an Omie Life Bento Box with kiwi, strawberries, and Sungold cherry tomatoes.

Snack Lunch


This is one of our go-to summer lunches since you can use up whatever you have, serve it on individual plates or family style for everyone, and go to town!

10 Easy Summer Lunch Ideas

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