15 Meal Prep Lunch Ideas

If you find yourself eating the kids’ leftovers for lunch or never stopping to eat a real meal, these super doable tips for how to meal-prep lunch are here to help.

Keep Things Simple


Think pasta, burrito bowls, sheet pan meals, cheese and crackers, and other super simple meals are an awesome way to start since they don’t always require a ton of cooking.

Think of What You Usually Buy for Lunch


What do you like to get for takeout? You can totally make a burrito bowl or sandwich or soup at home.

Do it for the Kids AND You


If you’re already packing lunches for the kids, take a few moments to pack one for yourself, too. This way, you’re more likely to actually eat a real meal.

Make Sure It’s Satisfying


Combining the basic food groups will help you stay satisfied until the next meal or snack, so aim to include them so there’s some protein and fat.

Add a Sauce


Try adding salsa, tahini sauce, peanut sauce,, cucumber sauce, garnishes, mustard, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, guacamole, and other toppings to mix it up and add flavors to basics.

Pick Recipes That Store Well


Some recipes work better than others to make ahead. Anything that’s meant to be crispy won’t hold up, or foods like some noodles can stick together when stored.

Prep in Small Batches


Whether making food for yourself or the kids, try not to make a giant volume of any one thing unless A.) you know everyone loves it or B.) it freezes well.

Make Good Use of the Freezer


You can make a big batch of beloved chili, soups, stews, muffins, pizza rolls, and more and stash them into the freezer for future weeks.

15 Meal Prep Lunch Ideas

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