30 Best Toddler Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for fun, creative, educational, wearable, and affordable toddler stocking stuffers, this list will make one thing on your to-do list easier!

Creative Stocking Stuffer Ideas:  Fuel those little artistic minds with these creative stocking stuffers. These are small gifts that provide a lot of open ended creation and play.


Educational Stocking Stuffer Ideas:  Give your kids the chance to learn and explore through their toys with these fun stocking stuffer ideas.


Wearable Stocking Stuffer Ideas:  For any of these that are sold in sets, you can totally break the sets up to share among more than one child to make the fun stretch even farther.


Just-for-Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas:  Little toys and extra-special items are a perfect way to round out a child’s stocking.


Kids Stocking Stuffers to Use at the Table:  Gifting them a special something to use during mealtimes can make things a little more fun and special


What to put in a toddler stocking?  I love to fill it with a few things that I know will delight, one or two things they can immediately play with, and maybe a treat or two to round things out.


Use this list as inspiration and for specific ideas, and tailor it to your specific child.