Best Kids Cooking Tools

These will help keep the kids entertained and happy on road trips, on planes, and on the go.

Crinkle Cutter:  This slicer is the best! It’s crazy durable and easy for 1 year-olds to use since they can use both hands/arms to press down holding the grip.


Potato Masher: We use our potato masher to stir eggs and pancake batter, mix muffins, and yes, to mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, and avocado.


Novelty Cutting Board:  You totally can use your regular cutting board with your child, but I like having a separate small one because the scale works so well with little kids.


Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board:  This mini cutting board is a pint-size version of the larger ones I use myself. They’re sturdy and easy to clean!


Mini Pitcher:  This 16-ounce pitcher has a lid that stays on and is shatter-resistant, so it can survive inevitable falls. We use this for pouring liquids into batter.


Kids Knife Set:   These little dog knives are lightweight and easy to hold, and they work well to cut soft foods like bananas, strawberries, melon, pancakes, and more.


Kids Knives:   These safe knives are great for cutting soft foods for kids around age 3 and up. They’re able to cut foods, but they are not sharp, so they’re a safe option.


Mini Spatulas and Spoons:   These are great for stirring everything from batter to pasta to oatmeal. We also like to use them with kinetic sand.


Click the link below to see more details on my cooking tool recommendations, as well as links for everything mentioned here. Happy cooking!