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Cantaloupe for Baby and Toddlers

Learn safe ways to serve cantaloupe with tips on how to cut it easily and which shapes are easiest to eat.

When choosing a cantaloupe, you want it to feel heavy for its size, to have a slight give when you press on the base where the stem was removed, and to smell like a fragrant melon.


Wash the melon then cut the melon in half. Scoop out the seeds with a spoon and discard these seeds.

To begin

Use a small knife to remove the skin. I hold the melon cut side down in one hand and use the other hand to gently remove the skin working around in a circle.

Remove the skin

Cut the half in half, then into slices. From there, you can slice the cantaloupe into matchsticks or into small diced pieces as you like.

Cut the melon

– 6 months: Offer a large slice for baby baby-led weaning style or puree. – 9 months: Offer small diced pieces as a finger food. – 12+ months: Offer matchstick shape pieces of cantaloupe.

How to serve

Roughly chop at least 2 cups of the melon. Add melon to a blender and blend smooth. Serve with a spoon or in a reusable pouch.

Cantaloupe Puree

You can use a melon baller to make round shapes for older kids. (You don’t have to peel it to use this method.) Ready for more baby recipes? Click to the next slide ->

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