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Dinner Ideas with  Hamburger Meat

Find easy dinner ideas with hamburger meat (or ground beef) to make cooking for your family easier.

With three kinds of veggies and the texture and flavor your kids expect, this Healthy Meatball recipe is a perfect family dinner option.

Healthy Meatballs

With classic Italian flavor, greens in the mix, and an easy cooking method, these Mini Meatballs are a super delicious family meal component to share with babies on up to adults.

Mini Meatballs

Here’s a new take on burger night—add some veggies and cheese (we usually use cheddar) right into the mix for extra flavor, nutrition, and easy eating.

Zucchini Burgers

I’m always on the hunt for make-ahead toddler dinner options that the rest of the family enjoys too and these Cheesy Meat Buns are a big favorite with my people!

Cheesy Stuffed Meat Buns

With the classic flavors of classic Stuffed Peppers, but much less work, this skillet version cooks up in just 20 minutes for a healthy family dinner option.

Easy Stuffed Pepper Skillet

This pasta recipe, which is essentially shortcut Bolognese tomato sauce, is one of our favorites and I love how versatile it is.

Ground Beef Pasta

With just a few ingredients and a super simple method, you can serve up this fresh pasta dinner to everyone at the table.

Pasta with Summer Squash and Beef

With lots of vegetables right in the mix and a simple slow cooker method, this ground beef recipe is an easy family dinner for the little kids and the parents at the table!

Slow Cooker Beef Burritos

Serve up an easy Taco Buffet without any cooking or involved prep work and have an easy family dinner on the table in minutes.

Taco Buffet

Wrapping up pizza toppings inside the dough is such a fun take on pizza—and it’s a much more convenient way to offer pizza to littles.

Pizza Bites

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Use lean ground beef or drain off any excess fat before proceeding with a recipe or serving as desired. Trade in ground turkey or chicken if you prefer.