Easy Bedtime Snacks for Kids

Bedtime snacks can be part of a healthy toddler bedtime routine that helps the kids wind down, fill their bellies, and be ready for a good night of sleep.

Applesauce Pouch


An applesauce pouch, either store-bought or in a reusable pouch, can be a straightforward and simple bedtime snack.



You already know this is my favorite, and it’s nice because it boasts magnesium and potassium, which can help with sleep a little, too.

Banana Yogurt


My son goes through food really quickly and often needs a heartier bedtime snack. I like to give him a mix of fruit, fat, and protein, and banana yogurt is one of his current favorites.

Dry Cereal


Pick your favorite healthy cereal and let that be a simple bedtime snack with or without a small serving of milk.

Granola Bar


Whether you prefer store-bought or homemade, a granola bar or snack bar can be a nice source of calming complex carbohydrates to satisfy the kids’ hunger.

Peanut Butter Toast


A simple slice of toast, cut into sticks or cubed for easy toddler chewing, is a healthy snack to serve before bed. Top with nut or seed butter and jam like Chia Jam.

Whole Grain Muffin


If you have a batch of muffins in the fridge or freezer, you can offer one (or half of one) as a bedtime snack. Easy and yummy!

Easy Bedtime Snacks for Kids

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