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Favorite  Apple Yogurt

Stir together this simple, yet so flavorful, Apple Yogurt for a quick baby snack, toddler breakfast, or even breakfast for you.

– Plain yogurt – Applesauce – Optional ingredients: Cinnamon, hemp seeds, splash of vanilla, sprinkle of granola.

Ingredients Needed:

Add the yogurt and applesauce to a medium bowl. Use plain whole milk yogurt if possible (little kids need fat for brain development).

Step 1.

Stir together, mixing the two thoroughly. Trade in Apple Puree, Stewed Apples, or Sauted Apples and serve chunky or blend with yogurt for a smooth apple yogurt.

Step 2.

Add in cinnamon and hemp seeds for more flavor and nutrition if desired. Top with granola if desired. Crush it up for kids under about 2 or so.

Step 3.

Serve or place into a storage containers or reusable pouches for future meals or snacks. Store in airtight containers in the fridge for 3-5 days.

Step 4.

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You can use regular or Greek style yogurt. The only difference is that Greek yogurt makes this a little thicker and has more protein. It tastes very similar.