Favorite Baby-Led Weaning Breakfasts

Each is easy for a baby 6 months and older to eat, has a range of nutrients, and is quick for you to prepare.

Sweet Potato Yogurt:  Mixing a fruit or vegetable puree—like Roasted Sweet Potato—is a really easy and yummy way to flavor yogurt.


Avocado Toast with Orange Slices:  A lightly toasted piece of bread cut into sticks, with mashed avocado is an easy baby breakfast.


Cottage Cheese with Hemp Seeds and Pear:  Cottage cheese is packed with protein and is thick, so it can be eaten by baby with a short spoon or their fingers.


Spinach Pancakes with Watermelon Sticks:  Super tender and very nutritious, these baby pancakes are awesome for baby-led weaning since they are so easy to eat.


SpoonfulONE Puffs and Smoothie:  I love to offer smoothies to a baby in a reusable pouch and am partial to simple combinations such as mango and yogurt, or a Green Smoothie.


Omelet and BLW Banana:  Eggs are a great food for baby since they are soft when cooked and a great source of both protein and fats.


Follow baby’s lead and end the meal when they start to fuss, turn their head away, or otherwise signal they are done the meal. There is no perfect portion size or amount a baby needs to eat.