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Favorite Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers  and Kids

Easy, affordable ideas by expert Amy Palanjian

No-Spill Bubbles

These bubbles have a unique design that prevents them from spilling, so they are much more toddler-friendly.

Easter Board Books

Small board books for the holiday or spring are perfect Easter basket fillers. Choose a favorite character or story to share.

Chocolate Candy

When choosing candy for a toddler Easter basket, choose chocolate that is easy to bite into and chew (rather than hard, round, or chewy candy).

Water Coloring Books

Water coloring books are a perfect toddler activity since they are (almost) mess free and are so easy for the kids to use.

Kids Sunglasses

A new pair of sunglasses is a perfect addition to the kids Easter basket, just in time for spring.

Reusable Pouch

Stash a new reusable pouch into the toddler Easter basket and have it ready for smoothies, yogurt, and applesauce to come.

Kids Water Bottle

They get a little softer as they sit in the container and younger toddlers may prefer them warmed just slightly so they are easier to chew.

Kids Snack Bars

Fill the Easter basket with goodies including favorite snack bars (like these Dino bars). They're a great option to add.

Recipe by Amy Palanjian

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