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Favorite Football  Cake

Lay out baked and cooled cake on cutting board. Then cut a strip from the center of the cake using a sharp knife.

Instructions to Frost Cake:

Use your prepared frosting to secure the two pieces together to form the shape of a football.

Step 2.

Use your prepared chocolate frosting to frost the outside of the entire cake. Frost closer to serving, if possible.

Step 3.

Add white football laces with white frosting. I use a zip top bag as a piping bag. Just fill and then cut off a corner.

Step 4.

If you set aside a small amount of the frosting before adding the cocoa powder, you can use this for the laces.


Assemble your cake on the platter or surface on which you plan to serve it to keep things easy. Then enjoy!


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You can make it up to a day ahead and store it in an airtight container at room temperature. Then frost when you are ready to serve!