Favorite Tea  for Kids

Find safe and yummy tea for kids to soothe sore throats, offer comfort, and even help settle tummies. With herbal and caffeine-free options, these are easy kids drinks to share.

Caffeine in Tea


Many teas have caffeine, and should be avoided. Common teas with caffeine includes matcha green tea, green tea, black tea, pu-erh teas, mate, oolong, white tea, and purple tea.

Herbal Teas


Here are our very favorite teas for kids: – Roobois Tea – Vanilla Roobois Tea – Roobois Chai – Chamomile Tea – Mint Medley or Peppermint Tea – Peach Tea

Making Tea


Keep an eye on how long you steep the tea. Tea bags or loose tea that is steeped too long can turn bitter or the flavor may be too intense to start for some kids.

Making Tea


Use caution with the temperature of the liquid. Let it cool if the water was at a full boil or add an ice cube to ensure it is cool enough for kids to drink.

Favorite Tea  for Kids

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