Favorite Yogurt drinks, 6 ways

Learn how to  customize them just for your kids, and have a nutritious breakfast or snack in under 5 minutes.

Ingredients:  Yogurt Fruit Sweetener: If I’m starting with plain yogurt, I usually taste the mixture, then add a little honey, if needed.


Flavor Ideas:  – Strawberry  – Strawberry-Banana  – Mango-Carrot – Banana-Spinach  – Blueberry-Pear  – Sweet Potato-Mango


Add the ingredients to the blender. Blend, starting on low and working up to high to blend very smooth.


Sweeten to taste as desired using the honey or maple syrup. Serve or store for a future meal.


The fruit can be fresh or frozen, depending on what you have on hand. You could also use baby food purees in a pinch, too.