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How to Make the Best  Crispy Baked Fish

A favorite family dinner recipe by Amy Palanjian

Whether as a Lent recipe, an easy fish recipe for kids, or just a healthy family dinner, this baked fish recipe is easy. And so darn delicious. You need just a handful of ingredients too!

There is nothing complicated about making baked fish at home. It's affordable, quick, and the kids will love it too."

6 Fast Rules For Making Baked Fish

01 Use fresh or frozen fish.

03 Coat fish well.

04 Add seasoning.

 05 Avoid over baking.

06 Serve with a favorite dip.


To make this fish recipe, you need Tilapia (fresh or frozen), flour, breadcrumbs, and egg. And any spices or dips you like.

Step 1

Cut the fish into finger-size pieces with kitchen scissors to make fish sticks. Or, leave the filets whole.

Step 2

Coat each piece of fish with all-purpose flour, making sure it coats all sides. Using a wide bowl is helpful here.

Step 3

Transfer each flour-coated piece of fish to a bowl with lightly beaten eggs. Coat all sides of the fish.

Step 4

Transfer the egg-coated fish to a bowl of Panko-style breadcrumbs. Coat all sides of the fish.

Step 5

Place the prepared fish onto a wire rack, coated with nonstick spray, positioned over a baking pan.  This allows air flow for maximum crispiness.

Step 6

Sprinkle the fish with a little salt and any desired spices and bake until just opaque and cooked through.

Recipe by Amy Palanjian

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