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How to Soothe a kids sore throat

Smoothie Popsicle

Freeze any smoothie into a popsicle mold—or use my simple green smoothie pop recipe—for nutrition and cold relief.

Creamsicle Popsicles (3-Ingredients!)

Make these freezer pops for a sweet snack or dessert. They’re loaded with probiotics and Vitamin C and taste super fresh.

Yogurt Melts

Making a batch of Yogurt Melts is a simple way to change up how you offer yogurt—and the healthy fats, probiotics, and calcium that it offers in a super fun (and easy to eat) format!

Avocado Pudding

With healthy fats and flavor, this creamy pudding is easy to eat and satisfying to kids who might not be in the mood for much food.

Chia Pudding

Stir together a few ingredients for an easy-to-eat pudding packed with nutrients and a soothing texture.

Orange-Honey Fruit Snacks

Make a batch of homemade fruit snacks in a few minutes with this simple Vitamin C-packed recipe.

Watermelon Juice

Fresh melon juice is packed with Vitamin C and is really easy to make in minutes—no juicer required.

Simple Green Smoothie

Keeping things simple is my favorite tip when it comes to smoothies and this one is a great option for kids (when healthy or sick).

Fruit Slushie

Blending frozen fruit (almost any kind works) with a little juice or water makes a really delicious and soothing slushie.


Flat lollipops and the special ones from Lolleez Throat Pops, can help sore throats by coating them to reduce the rawness. (Flat ones are safer than round ones, generally speaking.)