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Favorite Toddler smoothies (with Veggies)

Step 1.

Add chosen ingredients to a blender.  - 1 cup milk  - 1 small banana  - 1/2 cup fresh or frozen fruit - 1/2 cup veggies

Step 2.

Blend until very smooth, stopping to scrape down the sides of the bowl and adding more liquid if needed.

Step 3.

Serve immediately. Flavor idea:  - Mango Coconut Sweet Potato: Coconut milk, avocado, mango, sweet potato


– If you can freeze the greens ahead of time, the finished product will taste much less “green” but will have the same nutrition.

More Flavor Ideas

- Creamsicle: Yogurt, banana, orange, butternut squash  - Tropical Greens: Milk, banana, kiwi, kale, chia seeds - Cocoa Banana: Milk, banana, spinach, cocoa powder, nut butter