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Top 10  Lunchbox Ideas

Find the best lunchbox ideas with this go-to list of favorites. With ideas that work sent cold in a lunchbox or warmed in a thermos.

Whether from leftovers or cooked to pack on purpose, mac and cheese is a great lunch option. You can also add peas to a box of mac and cheese,

Mac and Cheese

Pesto Pasta salad is an all-time favorite lunch recipe since it’s so versatile (you can make it very basic or add tomatoes, white beans, diced cucumber, or chicken).

Pesto Pasta Salad

This savory muffin works really well to make ahead and to warm and pack in a thermos. It has carrots right in the mix.

Pizza Muffin

Pair turkey, cheese, and lettuce with a whole grain tortilla for a super simple wrap lunch ideas. Add freeze-dried strawberry slices, a banana, sliced apples, or edamame on the side.

Turkey Wrap

Pack a fast lunch relying on hummus and pita—or hummus and crackers, tortilla, or even pretzels.

Hummus and Pita

Think “cheese plate” when assembling this lunch and include a mix of food groups to satisfy. Fresh veggies, fruit, cheese, and crackers can be packed together for a range of ages.

Snack Lunch

These meatballs are great cold or warm and are one of our favorite easy lunch options.

Chicken Meatballs

Change up a classic sandwich into these fun roll-ups. Add easy sides to round out this meal.

Sandwich Roll Ups

We love pancakes for dinner and for lunch and you can pack them at eat cold or packed in a thermos to eat warm. Add a dip on the side.

Breakfast for Lunch

A make-ahead grain salad can feed a family lunch throughout the week and this quinoa salad is our favorite. Add diced ham and corn if you like.

Grain Salad

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– Pack the lunchbox with an ice pack in an insulated bag to keep it cold. – Do your best with the portion size and include enough food for your child.