Best Foods  for Sickness

Whenever the kids are sick it can be hard to know what to offer to help them feel better. These are my top best foods for sickness to soothe, comfort, and nourish!

Drinks for Sick Kids:  Staying hydrated is key when the kids are sick. Water (for older babies and toddlers), breastmilk, formula, and milk (for toddlers) are great places to start.


Strawberry Juice:  Use this easy method to make in just 5 minutes without a juicer. The juice has simple ingredients, vitamin C, fiber, and yummy flavor—and stores really well.


Watermelon Juice:  Learn the quick and easy method to make fresh and delicious Watermelon Juice at home! It’s a Vitamin C-packed way to hydrate the kids.


Favorite Toddler Smoothie:  It’s a perfect smoothie for kids since it’s naturally sweet, loaded with nutrition from fruit and veggies, and tastes great!


Easy Soups to Make for Sickness:  Nourish the family with an easy soup, particularly these favorite soups for kids. They are easy to make, easy to eat, and really cozy and nourishing.


Alphabet Soup:  Cook up this cozy Alphabet Soup recipe the next time you want an easy meal that’s also fun! ABC pasta is a perfect addition to this kid-friendly soup!


Minestrone Soup:  With an easy cooking method—with minimal chopping and less than 30 minutes start to finish—this soup is a favorite comfort food meal to share.


Butternut Squash Apple Soup:  All of the ingredients in this Butternut Squash Soup go into one pot and are simmered until soft. Then you simply need to blend it up to make it creamy.


Easy Meals for Sickness:  Cooking for kids when they need your attention due to illness is seriously impossible at times, so take whatever shortcuts you need!


Cottage Cheese Pancakes:  Made with just three simple ingredients, these nutritious Cottage Cheese Pancakes are a healthy breakfast for kids you make in under 10 minutes!


Buttered Noodles:  I love this since it’s serious comfort food, and it can be topped with all sorts of additional flavor boosters for adults as we like—so we can all happily share the meal.


Homemade Granola Bars:  These are one of my go-to healthy snacks for kids. They’re super easy to make and require minimal added sweeteners!


Applesauce Pouches:  You can store these pouches in the fridge to serve as a side or snack, or you can pop them into the freezer to thaw one at a time on future days.


Easy Snacks for Illness:  Use my Master List of Toddler Snacks for easy ideas for each food group, or use these easy ideas: cereal, leftover pancakes, puffs, crackers, diced fruit.


Appetite often takes time to recover, so don’t stress if it’s still lower than usual even after the kids return to normal.