This week, we’re teaming up with Rebecca Scritchfield’s Body Kindness Podcast for a very special cross-over episode on how to handle unwelcome comments about our kids’ bodies or food choices, what to do when they say “fat,” and how to model body positivity.

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You can download this episode from iTunesStitcherGoogle PlayTuneIn Radio, or wherever else you get your podcasts. or listen to it below! Then use this page to check out any links, notes, or photos we referenced. 

Body Kindness & Comfort Food Crossover Episode

Virginia and Rebecca had an awesome conversation and you can hear both of them in full by listening to the special episodes on both of our podcasts.

You can listen to the conversation on the Body Kindness podcast here.

You can listen to our podcast episode here where we talk through a lot of scenarios that come up when talking about our bodies with our kids—and what to do when other people make negative comments in front of our kids.

rebecca scritchfield by fountainMeet Rebecca

Rebecca Scritchfield is a registered dietician who practices health at every size. She’s the author of the awesome Body Kindness book and has a podcast by the same name. I love this line about the book:

This practical, inspirational, and visually lively book shows you how to create a healthier and happier life by treating yourself with compassion rather than shame.

And here’s more about Rebecca:

Rebecca Scritchfield is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified exercise physiologist, author of the book Body Kindness, and host of the Body Kindness podcast. Through her weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size counseling practice, she helps people make peace with food, find the joy in exercise, and create a better life with workable goals that fit individual interests. Her Body Kindness philosophy has been studied to help reduce depressive symptoms and heal body image in pregnancy and postpartum. A mom of two kids under 7, Rebecca is passionate about examining the cultural narrative around health, wellness, and worthiness while rejecting the pervasive myth that to achieve better health one must control their weight. You can find her writing in Washington Post, Self, and US News as well as appearances in over 100 global media outlets. Body Kindness is available wherever you get books and audiobooks.

body kindness cover

The Body Kindness Book

We love Rebecca’s book since it’s not a diet book, but it offers so much helpful information for anyone looking for resources on how to live a healthier life without shame or guilt around our bodies or food.



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