Hi, I'm Amy. I'm a writer, editor, crafter, recipe developer, wife, and mama to a very energetic four year old and new baby girl. When my girl started eating, we did the baby-led weaning approach and focused on real whole foods, rather than purees. This worked for us since L likes to be in charge and she was able to feed herself right from the start—no battling over a spoon required. I also liked that it was easy and quick for me to prepare her meals since she essentially ate (or at least sucked on) what we ate.

But then, when she turned one and was both hungrier and able to chew more effectively, things got more complicated. I felt the pressure to feed her "perfectly"—you know, locally grown, organic, grass-fed, refined sugar free, scratch-made, and the like—and I was, admittedly, very neurotic about what she ate. Soon though, it became clear to me that I couldn't control everything that went into her mouth (and especially not at playdates or birthday parties!). It took a few months, but I realized that I could at least focus my efforts at including her nutritional needs and eating ability in my regular cooking and baking at home.

Many of the kid food cookbooks and blogs I consulted at that time weren't geared towards the particular eating abilities of toddlers, so there were batches of granola bars that were far too crunchy for a one year old, roasted chick peas which were a total choking hazard, meat that was too chewy, and muffins that even I thought tasted too sweet. I've learned a lot since then and this site is the result.

Here you'll find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and all of the snack times in between. I promise not to preach or tell you what's right, but I do plan to share what has worked for us (and why). I hope that the recipes will be enjoyed by your entire family, but mostly that they will appeal to your one-, two-, and three-year-olds.

Use the Recipe Index to find what you're in the mood for, follow along on the Blog, or take a look at our favorite Mealtime Gear and Store-Bought Snacks. And always feel free to reach out with questions or comments and I promise to do my best to respond.