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Here you'll find wholesome and fun toddler meal ideas, family-friendly recipes, healthy toddler snacks, and easy toddler lunch ideas. All of the recipes are designed specifically for households with babies and toddlers underfoot—so they are affordable, accessible, and simple to prepare. But because no one wants to be a short-order cook, the food is delicious enough for the whole family. To help you through the day-to-day struggle of feeding picky eaters, find the best feeding advice to help you relax about what your toddler eats (and doesn't eat).

About Amy Palanjian
I'm a writer, editor, crafter, recipe developer, wife, and mama to a very energetic five year old and toddler. When my first daughter turned one, I felt the pressure to feed my new toddler "perfectly"—locally grown, organic, grass-fed, refined sugar free, scratch-made, and the like. Soon though, it became clear to me that I couldn't control everything that went into her mouth, especially not at playdates, birthday parties, and daycare—and I would make myself crazy if I tried. I realized that the best approach I could take was to surround her with healthy and nutritious foods at home to help balance the other food she might be getting out in the world.  

Yummy Toddler Food is here to help.

Each week, there are new recipes for healthy toddler foods, yummy toddler snack ideas, easy family dinners, and recipes for all of the meals and celebrations in between. You'll also find sane feeding advice to help you through the inevitable picky eating patches—or the nights when your toddler refuses to eat dinner. There is no such thing as a perfect toddler diet, but there are simple ways to improve your toddler's eating habits, starting right now!