YTF Community: FAQs

Welcome to YTF Community, a place to safely share in the challenges and joys of feeding our families. And make all of it easier!

What is the YTF Community?

It is a virtual community to safely share in the challenges and joys of feeding our families and ourselves. It’s run by me, Amy Palanjian, and is both a free community—with my weekly newsletters so you can stay in the loop about new recipes and projects.

It’s also a brand new paid community, which has ad-free weekly customizable meal plans, exclusive content, and the ability to comment and chat with like-minded parents.

My hope is that the resources help make it easier to feed your family and also provide connection with parents and care providers going through similar challenges of finding time to cook, selective eaters, rising grocery costs, and more.

Join our community as a paid subscriber here.

amy and kids at table.

What is included in each meal plan?

Each weekly YTF Meal Plan has 3 breakfasts, 2 snacks, 2 lunches, 5 dinners, and a handful of sides and desserts. The recipes are flexible, as they are on my site, and I try to make it easy to adjust them for families who prefer to eat vegetarian or who have an allergy or intolerance in the house.

The meal plans include recipes from Yummy Toddler Food. Each is customizable, so you can remove recipes you don’t want to include in your own plan. And you can make your own grocery list, removing the items you already have in the house to customize it for your real life.

When do I get my meal plans?

Each week, expect to see the new weekly meal plan in your email inbox on Friday afternoon (EST). Or simply check the Meal Plan page on Friday for the meal plan for the following week.

On each meal plan page, hit the save icon on the top right to save it to Your Recipe Collections page. That will ensure that all of your favorite meal plans are in your personalized list.

Where do I log in?

You can log-in by clicking “YTF Community” at the top of the website. Or, on the YTF Community home page, or on your account page. Or anywhere you see a pink box in the way of your content.

Use your username {$username} and the password you set during sign up.

How do I make a grocery list?

Find my full tutorial here.

How can I make my own meal plan?

To make a custom meal plan using recipes on Yummy Toddler Food, find my full tutorial here.

How can I manage my account?

Go to your account and click on subscriptions for more info.

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