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Use this page to save your meal plans—which we call “recipe collections”. Adjust the servings, make a grocery list, and streamline planning exactly how you prefer. And create your own custom meal plans, too!

(To enable each YTF weekly meal plan to show up here in your collections, you need to hit the save icon on the individual post. Find all of the meal plans here.)

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Things to Know About YTF Meal Plans

  • The plans are interactive, which means you can use what I made in its complete form. Or you can add or remove recipes, adjust the servings on any given recipe, and create a custom shopping list with only the ingredients you actually need.
  • Depending on the number of people in your family and appetites, recipes may work for more than one day. You can always adjust the serving sizes.
  • Storage information is always included with each individual recipe, so be sure to look there.
  • I tried to use similar ingredients throughout the week so you can make the best use of your groceries and avoid wasting food.
  • Use the “Add a Collection” feature to Make Your Own Meal Plan.
  • If you need an allergy substitution, look at the NOTES at the end of each individual recipe.

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