There is a general perception that kids hate green foods. But where does that come from and is it true? And more importantly, how can we help the kids learn to enjoy these foods?

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Last week while I was on spring break with my kids, we somehow started talking about how broccoli gets a bad rap in the show Bluey—and how my kids thought that was silly since they actually like broccoli. (Well two of them do and the third only likes it when it's Roasted Frozen Broccoli.)

Green pasta sauce pasta in white bowl with cheese.

We talked about how not everyone likes every food and how sometimes adults can impact what kids want to try (and not try) due to how we talk about it.

I know that so many kids have serious aversions to green foods. I also know that tweaking the way we present and talk about them can help make them less scary. And that can, over time, sometimes open up more options for what we're serving at meals—which is always helpful when feeding a family.

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