Introducing my brand-new cookbook, Dinnertime SOS: 100 Sanity-Saving Meals Parents and Kids of All Ages Will Actually Want to Eat. It is my hope that this collection of easy recipes helps you feed your family the yummiest family dinners with ease.

cover of dinnertime sos cookbook.

Dinnertime SOS

I have been waiting so long to share this news with you, and the day has come—you can officially preorder my new cookbook wherever books are sold. (Links below.) Hooray!

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Hudson Booksellers,, Indigo (Canada), Apple (e-book), Google Play Store (e-book), Penguin Random House, or your favorite local independent book store such as Split Rock Books or The Squirrel and Acorn.

This book really encompasses all of my best tips and strategies for getting nutritious, delicious, and easy meals onto the table for your family—to help you stick to your food budget AND work less in the kitchen. Feeding a family can be such a challenge and this book is here to help.

The book will be published August 22, 2023. Here’s the official description:

You rush home from work, tired but looking forward to sharing a meal with your family. You’re short on energy—but you need to pick a recipe, chop and prep ingredients, and tend to the kids. How are you supposed to juggle these responsibilities and make a meal that everyone at your table actually wants to eat?

Enter Dinnertime SOS, a collection of super fast, accessible, and delicious family meals that appeal to both kids and parents. As the founder of Yummy Toddler Food and a nationally recognized expert on feeding families well, Amy Palanjian is here to help customize meals for even the pickiest of eaters, sharing recipes the whole family can enjoy together. This is your playbook to make the most of your limited time in the kitchen, embrace quality shortcuts, and ditch the guilt.

With recipes that are all super fast—we’re talking 20 minutes max—or that can be
prepped ahead of time and thrown into the oven, slow cooker, or Instant Pot, you’ll find
everything you need to prepare healthy meals on a budget from a trusted source. Nourishing weeknight dinners include Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese, DIY Bagel Pizzas, Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Instant Pot Burrito Bowls, and the Ultimate Family Charcuterie Board.

This is the cookbook that parents with little kids have been waiting for. With strategies to cut down on cooking time, healthy shortcuts, and meal planning tips, Dinnertime SOS shares tried-and-true cooking advice and recipes to help parents win dinnertime.

There are so many tips throughout this book, including how exactly to share a meal with “picky eaters,” how to meal-prep without spending hours in the kitchen, pantry staples to keep on hand to shortcut cooking times, and so much more.

I specifically focused on dinner with this book because I know that time of the day is so extremely challenging for many of us—both as far as the logistics of cooking and also navigating everyone’s moods after a long day.

amy palanjian with girls in kitchen.

The book was photographed with the amazing trio of Lauren Volo, Mariana Velasquez, and Maeve Sheridan in Brooklyn, and then at my house with my kids. I very much wanted this book to look and feel real and like us, so shooting it in my actual kitchen was important to me. (And was really fun!)

This is my second cookbook (learn more about my first book, Food Play, which is a cookbook for kids) and I’m delighted for it to almost be out in the world with you.

I sincerely hope this book helps to streamline some of the cooking for you and your family, and maybe, just maybe, allow a little more room for joy at the table.

Where to Buy

Here are all of the links again so you can preorder:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Hudson Booksellers,, Indigo (Canada), Apple (e-book), Google Play Store (e-book), Penguin Random House, or your favorite local independent book store such as Split Rock Books or The Squirrel and Acorn.

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    1. Whoops! Not sure what happened there. I just want to quickly say ever since I ran across your Instagram site I have come back time and time again and have made so many of your recipes, with success. My two year old loves almost every single recipe I’ve tried. (And that’s BIG!) Thank you for your fantastic recipes and your REAL content. Wishing you much success with your new book!

  1. Excited to get your cookbook…I know it will be a great resource for our family.

    Also glad to be able to support you as a way to say thank you for all the amazing content you provide on Instagram with such genuineness and kindness. Truly appreciate who you are and the way you are using your talents to help and encourage others!

    Hope the cookbook is a smashing success!!