How to Use Shopping Lists

Here’s exactly how to use the shopping list feature of the YTF Meal Plan recipe collections.

meal plan example image with 6 recipes in grid.

How to Use Shopping Lists

Using the shopping list feature of your meal plan is the easiest way to turn the plan into a list you can take to the store. Before you start preparing your grocery list, you will want to adjust the serving sizes of any recipes. Then, you will use the icons on the top right of your list.

  1. To generate a shopping list for your meal plan or recipe collection, go to “Your Collections” and then select the meal plan (or saved recipes folder if you have one).
  2. Once you’re in the desired collection or plan, click the cart icon in the top right area to create your shopping list.

shopping list image 1

3. After clicking the cart icon, select which recipes or parts of the meal plan to include in your list. Once selected, click the cart icon again to generate your list.

4. Go through the shopping list to mark off any ingredients you already have and don’t need to purchase. To do this, check the box next to each ingredient you don’t need. Click the “Save Shopping List” icon.

shopping list with items checked off.

  1. To print the list, click the printer icon. You can then hide or show the items you do not need.
  2. Note: If you update the recipes in your collection or meal plan after you generate a shopping list, you’ll want to click “Regenerate Shopping List” to capture the updates.

shopping list print view.

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