Whether or not your toddler eats everything you make, it’s likely that they still like to be in the kitchen where all of the action is. These are my favorite kitchen tools for toddlers and kids cooking sets, which make great gifts for anytime of the year!

kids-cooking-tools-in-gridFavorite Cooking Tools for Toddlers

I love cooking with little kids and while you don’t always need a ton of special tools to make it successful, there are a few things that I we use really regularly that make things much easier. These are my cooking tools for kids and toddlers make cooking and baking together easier. They also make for fun gifts for kids who are into food—or who you want to get into food!

Best Cooking Sets for Kids

We’ve had a few cooking sets over the years and while there aren’t many that I’d recommend since they tend to not be all that durable, there are a few below on my list. I also highly recommend putting together your own cooking sets for kids based on their (and your!) interest so you get exactly what you want.

Kitchen Tools for Kids

In no particular order, here are my favorite products for cooking with toddlers and little kids.

zig zag slicer for kidsZig Zag Crinkle Cutter

This is one of the best tools to get little ones involved in the kitchen since it’s easy to hold and easy to use. We like to use it for slicing bananas, pears, kiwi, bell peppers, and other soft produce. Paired with a little cutting board, it makes a really great toddler gift. $19.99, good for kids 2 and up

kuhn-rikon-kids-knife-setKuhn Rikon Kids Knives and Scissors

These little knives are kid safe and easy to use—and they look like dogs! They are a great introduction to the art of slicing and dicing. We use them regularly with both my toddler and 7 year old and the scissors are perfect for them to use to cut up their own noodles. (Obviously this still needs to be used with supervision!) $29.95 for the set (though you can buy just the knives for less), good for kids 2.5/3 and up. 

Note: These have been low in stock recently.


Nylon Kids Knives

These are safe, not sharp to the touch, and fairly effective at cutting soft fruits and veggies for kids aged about 3 and up. Think bananas, ripe pear, strawberries, cheese, bread, and more. They are also super affordable at less than $10 for a set of 3. $8.99 for a set of 3 knives


Stainless Kids Knife

This is my pick for an older kiddo who loves to help cook as it’s a little heavier, a little sharper, and more like a real knife. This is what I use with my 8 year old. Kai Little Chef Club Children’s Stainless Steel, $14.99

dough whisk

Dough Whisk

Strong and sturdy (and pretty unbreakable), this is what we use when we’re stirring muffin batter, bread dough, or really anything that needs to be mixed in a big bowl. Love it! $15.99, good for kids 18 months and up

101 cookie cutter set101 Cookie Cutters

Whether for making cookies, crackers or just playing with play dough, this set of cookie cutters covers all the bases. They are also just fun to play with to identify the different shapes! $16.45, good for kids 18 months and up





Set of 5 Mini Cooking Tools

Perfectly sized for small hands, a little whisk can be a fun tool for the kids to use to help blend hot chocolate, beat eggs, or help mix a batter. Spatulas and tongs are great for stirring and transferring food. And this set comes in a range of colors so you can pick your kiddo’s favorite! $13.49, good for kids 18 months and up.


Handstand Kitchen Baking Sets

We got to try out a few of these sets recently and holy moly, my kids are obsessed! They have a range of options—we love the Dinosaur Baking Set and Unicorn Baking Sets—that are fun and useful. I like that the tools are kid-sized but are still designed for real use in the kitchen. (I am totally getting the Mermaid Cake Set for my oldest kiddo’s next birthday!) They also have holiday themed sets and basic baking tools too.

Sets starting at $25, good for kids 18 months and up.

kids-cooking-set-with-spoons-and-cupsColorful Mixing Bowls, Cups, and Spoons Cooking Set

I love this giant set of big bowls, a colander, and measuring cups and spoons. It’s a great set to get you started and to last for years as your kiddo grows and is more able to help with more steps in the kitchen. $19.99, good for kids 2 and up

opinel le petit chef vegetable peelerLe Petit Chef Vegetable Peeler

This brand makes awesome knives for older kids (so check those out if you have a kiddo aged 6 or 7 and up!), but this veggie peeler can be used by toddlers too. The design makes it easy to hold and use and it’s so durable that it will last for years. $17, good for kids age 2 and up

Guide Craft Kitchen Helper

Kitchen Helper Stool

This is the learning tower stool that we’ve been using with T for the past year and we use it multiple times a day. It’s safe, not too big (and we have a galley kitchen!) and wipes clean. And it keeps her safe when she’s up at counter height helping me to cook or just staying close while I cook. $169, good for kids 16 months and up


Food Play Little Kids Cookbook

My kids cookbook is a perfect compliment to any of these kids cooking tools as it has easy kitchen activities designed for little kids. Each recipe is assembly-only and made with accessible ingredients to help expose the kids to new foods and help you keep them entertained!

Order your copy on AmazonBarnes and Noble, Books-a-MillionBookshop, or your favorite independent bookstore.

What are some of your favorite toddler kitchen tools or kids cooking sets? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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