There’s an awesome new book out called The Eating Instinct that shares stories of how we learn to eat and the problems (and solutions) that arise. It can help us all learn to trust our hunger a little more—which can be so helpful for happy meal times for the whole family!

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How to Trust Your Kid’s Hunger

Virginia, the author of the book and the co-host of our Comfort Food Podcast, starts the book with the story of how her first daughter was born with a congenital heart defect and didn’t eat by mouth for the first two years of her life. The story of how she then learned to trust food and eat a range of foods is heartbreaking and inspiring—and it holds lessons for all of us in terms of how to trust our kids to tell and show us how much they need to eat.

Finding Your Eating Instinct

The rest of The Eating Instinct book is broken down into chapters that share stories of more people—from those feeding kids to those feeding themselves, families living on food stamps, and adults with serious food aversions—for a broad look at how food impacts us in ways we might not realize. While this book isn’t a diet book or a self-help book, it’s such a good read for anyone interested in improving their own relationship with food in the big picture.

Pregnancy Update

In this episode, I also share a pregnancy update. I’m having a little bit of a hard time believing that we’re just about two months away from meeting our baby boy—but it also means I’ve been taking some steps to stock the freezer. I hope you’ll listen and share your own tips for preparing for a third baby!


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