When you want a break from screen time, but still want to help the kids engage with an activity without your constant supervision, podcasts for kids can be an excellent option!


Podcasts for Kids

We’ve been listening to podcasts with our kids for a few years and find them to be an incredibly helpful free activity for kids. They’re great for helping the kids to learn about all sorts of subjects and ideas, are a wonderful way to expose them to different storytelling methods and music, and can help them play independently while they list. They work just as well at home as on the go in the car!

Best Podcasts for Toddlers

These are my picks for podcasts for littler kids, with storylines and pacing that 2 and 3 year olds can grasp. There is a range from episode to episode and by the individual child, but these are where I’d start.

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Circle Round

This is, hands down, my favorite podcast for little kids. Each story is acted out by real people (including some famous actors!) and amazing music. It’s also incredibly pleasant to listen to, so I don’t mind having it on in the background. The stories are positive and uplifting, without being saccharine.

Wow in the World

Mindy and Guy Raz are high energy, high spirited, and will likely make your kids laugh a lot! My three year old can’t always follow everything they’re talking about, but she still gets a lot out of each episode. Expect the kids to ask you questions about the things they learn!

Story Pirates

With music, stories, real kid voices, and more, these funny pirates make the most out of every situation and keep the kids entertained on their escapades.

Stories Podcast

These kid-friendly versions of classic tales are a nice way to unwind with some calmer energy at the end of the day or around naptime.

Best Podcasts for Big Kids

As my elementary aged kiddo has gotten older, she’s been exploring more podcasts. These are the ones that we’ve been listening to and loving. And the best part? (Other than keeping her occupied without staring at a screen!) She comes up with the most interesting questions for hours and days later after listening!

Mystery Recipe

This new podcast from America’s Test Kitchen is a fun way to expose the kids to ideas about food away from the kitchen.

Brains On

Each episode is packed with science, problem-solving, and tackling problems—and also working through dilemmas and figuring out the best solutions.

Young Ben Franklin

My 7 year old loves this podcast, which is from the perspective of Ben Franklin at the age of 13. It’s about history, inventing, and so much more.

Rebel Girls

If you love the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls books, the podcast—where each episode is about one of the women—is perfect. The narration is beautiful and each story we’ve heard (and I think we’ve listened to all of them!) helps the kids understand a broader sense of the world around them.

Tiny Desk Concerts

Introduce the kids to a variety of music with these mini concerts from a whole range of musicians including Lizzo and kid favorites like the Sesame Street gang.

Free Activities for Kids

Find more free activities to help keep the kids entertained with my master list of 100+ ideas.

This post was first published March 2020.

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