Shop for a toddler tea set with confidence with the BEST options. These durable kids tea sets will last for years of endless imaginative play and can be used by little and big kids alike.

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Toddler Tea Set

So many toddlers love to play pretend and a tea set is a wonderful way to keep them inspired to use their imaginations—and play together with a sibling, parent, or even a stuffed animal.

We’ve had many tea sets over the years (some better than others!), so I wanted to share my best picks based on materials, price, components included, and design.

For younger toddlers, you’ll want to pick a tea set that’s durable and unbreakable since the pieces will likely be dropped on the floor at one point or another. For slightly older kids, you can go with a “real” tea set made with porcelain if you prefer—though they’ll still need to be careful, especially if there are younger siblings around.

There are plastic, wooden, tin, and porcelain toddler tea sets here so you have lots of options to pick from to choose the best kids tea set for your family.

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Best Safe Children’s Plastic Tea Set: Green Toys Tea Set

With two color ways available, including this one above and a red and blue one, this plastic tea set is made with recycled, BPA-Free, and Phthalates-Free material so it’s safe for the kids. It includes 17 pieces in total with a tea pot, sugar bowl with lid, 4 tea cups and saucers, a creamer cup, and 4 spoons.

It’s incredibly durable and perfectly sized for toddlers and pretend play, priced at under $30. 

The size of the cups is perfect for little kids to practice drinking from open cups and it’s dishwasher safe. We’ve had and used this set for almost 5 years.

hape tea set for toddlers

Best Wooden Tea Set: Hape Tea for Two Wooden Play Kitchen Kit

With a simple design made from durable, toddler-safe wood, this kids tea set is a toddler favorite. It includes a tea pot, two cups and saucers, a sugar bowl, tea bags, creamer, and a tray.

It’s a great open-ended toy for kids to use in imaginative play and practicing social skills, and priced at under $30. The paint is non-toxic too.


Best Melissa and Doug Tea Set: Steep & Serve Tea Set

This wooden kids tea set includes everything the kids will need for endless tea parties. The toddler tea set includes a teapot with lid, 2 cups, 2 spoons, a sugar bowl, milk pitcher, 6 assorted teas in a little tea caddy (such a fun element!), 2 cookies, and a dry erase card so the kids can take each others orders.

This set has it all for under $30, and is a favorite toy tea set.


Best Toddler Tea Set with Basket: Butterfly Tea Set Basket

Keep the kids entertained with their own tea set that they can carefully put away when their tea party is over. This keeps everything safe and helps them know exactly where their set is the next time they want to play with it.

This set includes 4 ceramic tea cups and saucers, classic tea pot and lid, sugar bowl with lid and a creamer, 4 tiny spoons, 4 napkins and a tablecloth—which is perfect for an afternoon tea party. It comes in a basket that latches closed, all for under $30. 


Best Simple Tea Set: ALEX Toys Pretend & Play Tea Set Basket

If you’re wanting a more neutral kids tea set that also comes in a handy storage basket, this one is a great option. This set includes a basket, a porcelain teapot with lid, creamer, sugar bowl with lid, 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 napkins and a tablecloth. It’s a fun way to practice fine motor skills with a childrens tea set.

It’s a pretty robin’s egg blue color, made from durable materials, and is perfectly sized for little hands, for under $30. 

tin tea set in carrying case

Best Tin Tea Set: Llama Tin Tea Set

With a super durable design and carrying case, this adorable kids tea set has a sweet design with llamas! It includes 15)pieces with a teapot with lid, 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 plates, serving tray and carrying case.  The material is BPA-free and lead-free too. (Other designs include a horse, mermaids, ballerina, unicorn, and princesses.) Priced at under $30. 

Best Tips

  • Make a dedicated bin for the tea set components if the one you choose doesn’t come with a storage container.
  • Pair with a favorite cookie for kids and Tea Sandwiches for the full tea party experience.

This post was first published September 2020. 

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