The days around Easter are a perfect opportunity to enjoy fun springtime Easter activities for kids. This list, which includes family-friendly activities that little and big kids will enjoy, is a great place to get started making memories!

easter-activities-featured-grid-of-6Easter Activities

I love springtime holiday weekends since there are so many options for things to do with the kids. These Easter activities for kids will give you ideas for what to do with the kids to celebrate to make the most of the time together.

grid of 9 easter crafts for kidsEaster Activities: Crafts for Kids

Gather a few basic supplies and let the kids get their craft on. Here are some great Easter crafts for kids, all of which are appropriate to do with both toddlers and older kids.

TIP: Remember that crafting with kids is so not about perfection, so embrace the mess (and maybe cover the table with kraft paper to help you relax!).

easter recipes in grid of 4Easter Activities: Recipes to Make Together

Try cooking these recipes with the kids, or in some cases, letting the kids take the lead entirely, to have more fun in the kitchen this Easter weekend.

  • Carrot Apple CookiesWith natural sweetness from apple, carrots, and raisins, these cookies are a healthy treat to make together. They’re made without eggs or gluten, so they’re a great option for kids with allergies. Try making a batch for the Easter Bunny! (photo 1)
  • Carrot Pancakes: Let the kids help make the batter and serve them up for a healthy morning take on carrot cake. (photo 2)
  • Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins: Packed with carrots, whole grains, and protein, these Carrot Cake Muffins are a healthy way to start the day AND the recipe is easy enough that the kids can help stir it all together. (photo 3)
  • Carrot Cake Bars: If you want the flavor of carrot cake and the classic cream cheese frosting, these easy to make bars are for you. (photo 4)
  • Avocado Egg Salad: Lots of flavor and soft texture make this an easy way to upgrade standard egg salad. Let the kids help peel and stir!
  • Rice Crispy Nests: Let the kids get sticky fingers to help assemble these sweet edible nests.

TIP: If it stresses you out to have the kids in the kitchen, you can always just do one step of a recipe to simplify things!

easter-egg-decorating-ideas-in-grid-of-4Easter Egg Decorating

Decorating Easter eggs is a classic activity to enjoy on the holiday. Regular old dyes are always great, though you can try some new ideas if you’d like.

  • Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs: You can buy natural dyes (photo 1) or make your own (photo 2), depending on your commitment to setting up the project.
  • Beet-Dyed Eggs: For pretty pale pink eggs, let them sit in the water left from boiling beets.
  • Sticker Eggs: Let the kids cover hard-cooked eggs with stickers. So easy, so fun! (photo 3)
  • Washi Tape Eggs: Hand over some washi tape and let the kids wrap and roll their way to colorful eggs. (photo 4)
  • Marker Eggs: Markers can be a fun way to decorate eggs without worrying about getting paint all over the floor.
  • Watercolor Eggs: Set them up with watercolors and brushes and let them paint as many hard-cooked eggs as they like.
  • Painted Eggs: Use washable tempura paint to color eggs!
  • Polka Dot Eggs: Use little circle stickers to turn plain eggs into festive ones covered in polka dots.
  • Letter Eggs: Let the kids practice their letters (like the first one from their name) by using a paint brush and dye to write it on an egg.

TIP: I love letting the kids have their way with crafts like egg dying to I can see where their natural creativity leads them!

easter-printables_webEaster Printables

Coloring sheets and games are a fun way to keep the Easter spirit going, especially if you have to travel or need a quieter activity for the kids.

  • Coloring Pages: Crayola has a lot of free Easter coloring pages on their site that the kids will enjoy! (photo 1)
  • Easter Party Pack: If you want printable decorations to hang with the help of this kids, check this out from Yellow Brick Road. (photo 2 & 3)
  • Hop Banner: Print out this template and hang a sweet banner.
  • Easter Egg Printables: These egg outlines would be so fun to color together. (photo 4)
  • Bunny Headband: So cute to turn the kiddos into little bunnies with this printable template.

TIP: Plan to print these out as activities to do on Easter or in the days (or weekend) leading up to it.

toddler easter egg hunt with plastic eggsEaster Games

Get outside (or into the playroom!) and play some Easter-themed games with the kids.

  • Egg Hunt: This is obviously the classic choice! We like to fill our eggs with coins (if the kids are old enough to not worry about choking risks), temporary tattoos, bouncy balls, or other little toys.
  • Egg Drop: For older kids, challenge them to wrap up a raw egg to see if it can survive a fall. My oldest kiddo loves doing this experiment!
  • Egg-On-Spoon Race: Try this classic game with hard cooked eggs to make it a little less messy.
  • Bunny Hop: Turn on a song and see which of the kids can hop the longest.
  • Bunny Race: Have the kids line up and see who can hop to the finish line the fastest.

TIP: We love doing some games between Easter dinner and dessert!

snacks-in-easter-eggsEaster Snacktivity

We did this last year for the first time and had so much fun. And it kept my girls busy for a long while, which was a nice bonus! Find the full info on the Easter Snack Hunt here.

What are your favorite Easter activities? I’d love to hear below in the comments!


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