Making Easter crafts with toddlers is fun, easy, and a perfect activity to keep them entertained for a bit—especially if you have a few simple ideas to start with! These crafts are all doable for our little kids even if they never turn out perfectly (because, real life!).


Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Crafting with little kids is often a lesson in patience for us parents and it’s very normal for kids to want to do their projects their own way. So my best advice before we get into my actual project picks is to relax your plan and let the kids take the lead. Your child may be more interested in cutting the paper or stamping the markers than anything else and they may not want to “finish” the project. That’s totally fine! Enjoy the time together and have fun.

NOTE: I’m showing you actual projects I did with my kids when they were 1, 3 and 7. These are not perfect crafts and I hope they inspire you to craft with your kids no matter how the project turns out!

1. Dot Marker Chicks

We made these recently and both of my girls had a lot of fun. I drew big ovals and helped my 3 year old glue on the paper beak and feet googly eyes with school glue. She did the coloring with Dot Markers and cut them out. We made one for each member of our family! (My 7 year old decided to use our craft as her inspiration and made her own version, shown on the left.) Inspired by Little Ones Learn.

2. Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

Cut out a stack of coffee filters into ovals, place on a kitchen towel, and let the kids paint their eggs with water colors. This is an easy craft that looks really pretty once dried and hung in the windows!


3. Paper Towel Easter Eggs

This works the same as the coffee filter idea, but just done on paper towels. So easy and fun—and you can also use markers and water if that’s what you have! Via Little Ones Learn

4. Sidewalk Chalk Bunny Prints

Draw the outline of bunny prints on the sidewalk or driveway with sidewalk chalk and let the kids color them in!


5. Cardboard Easter Art

Pull out some of the recycling bin cardboard (we used cereal boxes), cut into ovals, and use colored tape to decorate!

6. Eggs in the Grass

Repurpose toilet paper tubes into “grass” to hold dyed Easter eggs. Easy and fun! Simply paint a toilet paper tube green (kid’s part) and let dry. Cut in half. Cut fringe about halfway down (grownups part) and use to hold eggs.


7. Paper Rainbows

Okay, this is more spring than Easter, but still super fun. Cut a rainbow shape from a cereal box then glue little squares (or use Post-its!) on to make a rainbow. Cut them bigger for littler kids who may have shorter attention spans.


8. Easter Coloring Sheets

There are coloring pages, games, and activity prompts perfect for both Easter and spring! Download here.

9. Egg Carton Garland

Cut apart an egg carton and let the kids paint them or color with Dot Markers. Once dry, punch holes in the middle of each and string on yarn or string. Hang wherever you like!


10. Bunny Feet Stamp

This is one of our favorite Easter crafts for toddlers since they usually love to stamp! Find two toilet paper tubes. Bend one into an oval. Use the unbent one to make the center of a bunny print and the oval one to make the outer parts by dipping into a small bowl of paint. You can do this to make Easter cards, decorations, or thank you notes for teachers.

I’d love to hear your feedback on these Easter crafts for kids, so please chime in below in the comments!

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