This year, more people than ever have needed some form of support and  as we approach the holidays, it can be a great time to donate if you are able. Here are some of my favorite ways for helping families in need with food, diapers, and other support.

food-and-book-donation-on-countertopHelping Families in Need

Wherever you may live, there are always so many ways to support other families with donations of money or goods. While this is by no means a comprehensive list—there are far too many local organizations to list!—these are the places I start. I’m also including some nonprofits that are local that have been recommended by my readers to give you more options.

TIP: If you are able to set up a recurring donation, these organizations need funds all year long. If you are able to only give a small amount, that is also fine! Do what you can.

National Nonprofits for Families

Here are some of the places I like to donate nationally to help families with little kids.

Local Nonprofits to Donate To

It’s great to support people right in your area, and these are the places I turn to:

Plus, I asked all of you for more recommendations to broaden my own list and here are some of the places that my readers like to donate to as a way to share more options for ways to help.

When Your Family Needs Support

If your family is in need of food, clothing, gifts, or diapers, reach out to these places for help:

  • Local food bank
  • Local diaper bank
  • Local churches or nonprofits hosting coat or clothing drives
  • If your kids are in school, the school can likely refer you to local services.

This can be a challenging time of the year, especially this year, so let’s all try to show support and ask for help when we need it!

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