I’ve been looking for ways to save my sanity on busy weeknights and the kids meal delivery service, Nurture Life, has been a favorite option for my entire family. Their meals are delicious, nutritious, and so darn convenient.

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Kids Meal Delivery

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Only in the past few months have we really tried out any meal delivery services and we’ve landed on a favorite one for easy dinners—Nurture Life. I love that they have a range of flavors in their meals, and that there are plenty of organic veggies, whole grains, and proteins in the mix so the meals satisfy.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how many of the different flavors my kids have enjoyed, so I definitely recommend them if you have a more selective eater.

The refrigerated meals come right to our door in a box that keeps them cold, and I can stash them into the fridge to quickly warm up whenever we need them.

I’ve been planning a shortcut night each week, and having these meals on hand is an easy way to give myself a break from cooking. This is also super helpful for those nights when we have to eat in shifts to work around kids activity schedules.

Kids Meal Kids

The beauty of this service is that you can choose the meals you want and how often you get them, and the food is fresh. So sort of like takeout without the need to drive across town—and likely even less expensive.

Use my code YUMMY50 for 50% off your first week of Nurture Life.

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How it Works

Here’s a look at how ordering a kids meal delivery works so you know what to expect.

  1. Pick the plan you like according to how many meals you want delivered.
  2. Choose the specific meals you want. Nurture Life has a selection of 30+ meals each week and you can choose from kids meals, finger foods, smoothies, and snacks. (They’re recommended from ages 10 months to 10 years, though I have happily eaten many of them, too!)
  3. The order usually comes in about a week, right to your door.
  4. Then, you can stash the meals in the fridge and warm the meals up in less than a minute whenever you need them.

Favorite Kids Meals

Our favorite Nurture Life meals include the Butter Chicken (everyone in my house fights over this one!), the Mac and Cheese and Broccoli (the mac and cheese has cauliflower in the sauce, so the kids get an extra serving of veggies) and the Chicken Tacos.

The food is flavorful enough for me and mellow enough for my kids. And everything has been really easy to heat and serve—though they also make a line for babies eating finger foods and younger toddlers that are designed to be even easier to eat.

My husband has been enjoying their Superfood Smoothies, which has both fruit and veggies in the mix, and we’ve even packed some of the meals warm in a thermos for a quick school lunch in a pinch.

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Serving Suggestions

We almost always serve a simple side of fruit with the meals to ensure that everyone has enough to eat, along with a drink like water or milk.

Best Tips for Kids Meal Delivery

  • Choose a cadence for delivery that works with your life and pause or stop and start as needed.
  • Plan on a kids meal service for weeks when you’re busy and may not have time to cook or pick up takeout.
  • Try out new flavors or go with the ones you know that the family enjoys.
  • Warm up a few meals to share and serve them family style so everyone can taste some new foods. (We’ve done this a few times and it’s fun—though my kids always eat all of the pita bread that comes with the Butter Chicken before I get a chance to!)
  • Use my code YUMMY50 for 50% off your first week of Nurture Life.
  • Use other shortcut meals, such as Snack Dinners, Mac and Cheese and Peas, and Sandwiches as you like and need.

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I’d love to hear your feedback on this post, especially if you have a kids meal delivery service you love, so please comment below.

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