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Take some of the work off of your plate this week with easy ideas for your family for each meal of the day in the latest YTF Meal Plan.

Fish stick tacos on kids and adult plate.

May Meal Plan: Week 1

Quick note to start: I share my weekly meal plans on the Friday before since I know there’s a range of when families plan their meals and go grocery shopping. That said, I’m always looking for ways to make food and feeding a little easier, and having a rough plan for meals is one thing I rely on. And while I often change my mind or make adjustments when schedules go haywire or we wind up having leftovers, picking a handful of meals to make each week definitely simplifies my life as a mom.

Below you can find the YTF Meal Plan for the first week of May. It includes ideas for every meal of the day, but you can always remove or skip the ones you don’t want to make.

I included my Fish Tacos and easy Fruit Salsa in this for an easy Cinco de Mayo idea. And my Roasted Asparagus since it’s local asparagus season for many of us.

I hope it helps take some of the decision making off of your plate!

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