Find the best portable highchairs and travel highchairs to use on trips, vacations, at restaurants, and at home when needed to make it easier to feed babies and toddlers.

portable highchairs in grid of six options.

Portable Highchair

Feeding babies and toddlers while on the go can be a challenge, and portable highchairs are one of the ways we can make it a little easier. This can be a great option if you have a trip planned where you won’t have access to a regular highchair, if you regularly eat meals at relatives’ houses (like grandparents!) who don’t have a highchair, or even to use at home if you have a counter-height kitchen island and a regular highchair is too low.

These travel highchairs can be safe if used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and can provide kids with a sturdy, comfortable place to sit while they eat a meal.

Below, you’ll find our five top picks, which were chosen for reliability, ease of cleaning, durability, ease of use, and safety.

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Travel Highchair

Know that a portable highchair is usually easiest to travel with if you’re going by car and have plenty of storage space for gear. If you’re traveling by plane, you may want to ask the hotel or rental if they have a highchair you can use, or you can consider renting one locally if needed.

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Inglesina portable high chair.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

This is one of the best-selling portable highchairs with more than 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and a less than $80 price tag. It has the classic design that secures to a table, comes in 9 colors, is easy to fold for transporting, and is made from an easy-to-clean nylon. Plus, the handles that secure to the table don’t scratch the surface.

Summer portable high chair in red.

Summer Pop ‘N Sit Portable Booster Chair

I like to think of this as a camping chair for older babies and toddlers—which means it is lightweight and easy to transport, is great for indoor or outdoor use, holds up to wear and tear, and is best set on the ground or floor as a standalone chair. Priced at less than $30, it’s one of the most affordable portable chair options, too.

It comes with a removable tray and cup holder, and it is one of the best portable travel chairs for smaller babies and toddlers.

Portable highchair connected to white table.

Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair

For kids up to 37 pounds, this compact travel highchair clips right onto the table and is also foldable and easy to transport. It’s less than $50, which makes it a deal compared to some other similar models. It comes in four colors, and the seat cover is removable for easy washing.

Hullubaby portable highchair with baby in it.

Liuliuby Harness Seat

For a much smaller and easy-to-transport option, you can use this harness seat to transform any regular chair into a safe seating option for a baby or toddler. They won’t be able to reach the table, but you can strap them in at a restaurant or a relative’s house and hand them bits of food to eat piece by piece or in a snack cup.

Oko portable highchair in grey.

OXO Tot Nest Booster Seat 

We took this toddler booster seat on many family vacations when my kids were younger, and it was always helpful to have—a great purchase for the toddler years. It secures to a regular chair, brings the kids up to table height, can be used outside or inside, and is really easy to clean. It’s also priced well at less than $50 and can totally be used for more than one child as a hand-me-down piece of gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are portable highchairs worth it?

If you travel often and find yourself without access to a regular highchair to use, it can make life a lot easier. This is especially true when driving to a rental house.

What is the weight limit for a portable high chair?

Most portable highchairs have a weight limit that’s under 40 pounds, so it’s important to know how much your child weights to ensure they are safe. This is especially true for travel high chairs that clip onto a table or counter.

What age is a portable highchair for?

Most portable highchairs are designed for babies old enough to sit up on their own and eat solids through early toddlerhood. Check the weight limits on the highchair and ensure that your child is securely strapped into the harness or straps.

Can I use a portable highchair at home?

If you have counter height table or kitchen island, a portable highchair can be a great option. It may also be useful if you regularly eat outside and don’t want to be moving the big highchair out each time.

Travel Food and On-the-Go Snacks

For help knowing which foods are easiest to take on the go, these posts may help:

Best Tips for Success

  • Check out my toddler highchairs for the full rundown on regular options.
  • Always check the height and weight information on a product to ensure it’s safe for your child.
  • Use the product according to the package directions and check the dimensions to ensure it will fit where you plan to use it.
  • Wipe down and clean crumbs and food after each use to make it less likely that food will get embedded into the fabric.
  • Store in a carry bag or travel bag if you prefer.
  • Check the child’s safety and comfort by checking that the straps or three-point harness is secure.
  • A booster seat can be an option, too.

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