Bring the best of the playground right to your backyard with one of the best Toddler Swings. Whether you want to hang it from an existing swing set or have a sturdy branch that is just begging for a swing, these options are sure to thrill your kiddo.


Best Toddler Swings

There are few childhood joys as pure as soaring through the air on a swing. And while it may take a while for your kiddo to learn to pump by himself, all the laughs and giggles are proof that many older babies and toddlers love being pushed on an indoor or outdoor swing. But why limit it to the playground? There are tons of great options that will work in your backyard, whether you want to attach them to an existing swing set or use a sturdy tree branch to your advantage. For safe options in a variety of price points and styles for both baby swing and toddler swing options, read on.

TIP: If you’re attaching your swing to a tree branch, consider ordering a Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit that will help make sure everything is safe and secure.

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Best Little Tikes Toddler Swing: Little Tikes Snug ‘N Secure Swing 

Recognize this one? We bet you do! That’s because it’s oldie but a goodie. And, really, it’s no big surprise it’s so popular: It’s safe, fun, and the price is definitely right. We love that it includes both a T-bar belt and safety shoulder straps, which can also be stored away under the seat once your kiddo is old enough to swing without them. (You can also pick it up in blue instead of pink, if you prefer!)

It’s optimal for weather resistance, so it’s great for outdoor use, and is a nice full bucket swing option.


Best Plastic Toddler Swing: Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing Seat

This Step2 seat is another classic option to enjoy in your own backyard. The bucket seat design, meaning it slopes down toward the back, adds an extra safety layer and also makes it comfy to sit in. Also nice: The clips on the outside of the t-bar are easy for parents to open, but far enough away from kiddo’s little hands.


Best Saucer Swing: Odoland 24 inch Outdoor Saucer

Saucer swings are all the rage and for good reason—they are so fun! Most can also fit two kids at a time so if you have littles over age 2 or 3 (or old enough to be trusted to sit down without a strap), this is a great outdoor disc swing option and big kid swings.


Best Grow-With-Them Toddler Swing: Ancheer 3-in-1 Toddler Swing Seat Infant to Teens

We know, we know, it’s hard to believe there will ever be a time when your toddler won’t need to be strapped into his or her swing. But, believe us, that time will be here before you know it…and you’ll still want to use this swing! The 3-in-1 design starts off with a t-bar and seatbelt, then transitions to just the seatbelt, and then you can remove that to make it into a simple swing for older kids. Win!

This is a great first toddler swing, a perfect outdoor baby swing, and is a great choice to make the yard more fun.


Best Toddler Bucket Swing: Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing

If you want something that’s just like what they have at the local playground, this is the one! This high-quality seat features a higher back for extra safety, and also has coated chains to avoid pinching little hands. It’s also super-durable, so no need to worry about it being out in the elements all the time.

This is a great swing for residential use for kids old enough not to need an adjustable lap belt or harness.


Best Modern Toddler Swing: Monkey & Mouse Canvas and Wooden Swing Seat Chair

If you’re more into neutrals and muted colors than bright plastic, this canvas toddler swing is a perfect, high quality swing option. It has sensory rings and balls for the kids to play with while they swing and a comfy cushion that’s great for babies over about age 6 months, too.


Best Wooden Toddler Swing: Ecotribe Wooden Horse Toddler Swing

If you’re looking for an alternative to a plastic swing, this wooden one is really beautiful (and Montessori approved!). The untreated wood is rounded and sanded to make it the perfect spot for your little kiddo, and the included cotton ropes add to the all-natural look. (Not an equine enthusiast? The giraffe and unicorn versions are also SO cute.)


Best Indoor/Outdoor Swing: KLB Sport Baby Toddler Indoor/Outdoor Metal Swing Set

If you’re looking for a little indoor fun, this dual purpose toddler swing is a nice option. It has a sturdy metal base for safety and straps to keep the little secure. This would be a great addition to a playroom during the winter if you live in a cold weather climate.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can a baby go in an outside swing?

Outdoor baby swings are usually intended for children between six months to four years of age. Doctors recommend that once your baby can sit up and has stable control of their head, your baby can gently use an outdoor baby or toddler swing.

Can a 7 month old go on a swing?

Your baby can ride in a bucket-style infant swing – with you close by – once they can sit up and have good head control, around 6 months. These swings are intended for children 6 months to 4 years old.

Are outdoor swings good for babies?

The most obvious benefit of swinging for babies and children is that swinging is fun and exciting. To laugh and be happy is most beneficial to both our physical and mental health.

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This post was first published November 2020.

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