It’s a bike! It’s a stroller! It might just be the perfect grow-with-them first bike for your kid. These toddler bikes and trikes include push-handles for parents, making them a fun and safe option for your little one.


Toddler Push Bikes

Want to get your kiddo some wheels, but not quite ready to watch them ride off solo or use a classic balance bike? Then a toddler push bike with a handle might be just what you need.

These stroller-bike combos give your toddler a little sense of independence as a bike rider, let them practice pedaling without *really* having to do the work, and usually convert into standalone bikes and trikes as your child grows. The caregiver can help steer, push, and brake, and you can be out together from an early age no matter the coordination of the child.

You can use these pedal balance bikes on terrains includin gsidewalks, safe roads, paved trails, and more and they make a great holiday or birthday gift. Checkout our favorite options from the best brands.

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Best Classic Tricycle Toddler Push Bike: Radio Flyer Steer & Stroll Trike

There’s no doubt a little red tricycle will give you aaalll the nostalgic vibes at under $70. And this version gets your kiddo ready to pedal quickly, thanks to a seat with a back for easier balance and a removable handle that lets you help them steer and stay safe while they’re learning.

Also: How cute is that little handlebar bell?! This is a favorite small pedal bike with a comfortable upright position, and is one of our top picks for ease of use, high quality and durability.


Best Little Tikes Toddler Push Bike: Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike

This Little Tikes option has all the features you want in a toddler push bike. Kids can get comfortable with it starting at 9 months old and then, with the removable push bar and totally adjustable seat, continue to use it as a tricycle up to age five.

It also has roomy storage compartments that are perfecting for carting toys and snacks to the park, it’s lightweight, and is less than $80. It’s a really nice first pedal bike.


Best Toddler Push Bike to Balance Bike: Yvolution Y Velo Flippa 4-in-1 Kid’s Trike

Parents (and kids!) love balance bikes because they help toddlers learn to–you guessed it!–actually balance on a two-wheeler before worrying about peddling.

The Y Velo is an awesome balance bike option for young kids, and this 4-in-1 pick lets you start your kid super young thanks to a tricycle mode with a push handle for parents for just over $100.

(While you’re at it, don’t forget to checkout all our top balance bike picks.)


Best 4-in-1 Toddler Push Bike: Smartike Zoom Multi-Stage Trike

For an option that’s going to really do it all and can help offer an early start, SmarTrike has you covered. You’ve got an easy-steer parent handle, you’ve got a sun canopy, you’ve got a three-point safety harness…plus, you’ve got tons of adjustment options that will have your toddler enjoying this purchase for years.

(This one starts at age 15 months and can be used through 2-years-old and preschoolers, but the brand also offers a Stroller Tricycle option that kids can enjoy as young as 6 months!)


Best Push Bike with Training Wheels: Schwinn Petunia and Grit Steerable Kids Bikes

Schwinn for the win! (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves there.) If your eventual plan is to get your kiddo going on a toddler bike with training wheels, then this push-bike version is a good starter option for a little over $100.

You can push them along at first to help them get a feel for the wheels, and then use the handle to help out as needed while they learn to pedal on their own. (Once they’re ready to ride solo, just screw off the handle and they’ve got themselves a big boy bike.)

Best Tips for Toddler Push Bikes

  • Be sure to adjust the seat and handle to be the right height for your child and for you.
  • Outfit your kiddo with a properly fitting helmet.
  • Adjust the set up as your child grows if using a convertible style.
  • Store inside to protect it from the elements.

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This post was first published October 2020.

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