Have more fun together with these easy crafts and food activities to do together. These easy Christmas Activities for Kids—and the free Countdown Calendar!—are a simple way to have a little burst of festiveness in your daily life as we inch closer to the holidays.

christmas-activites-featuredChristmas Activities for Kids

We’ll be spending a lot of time at home this December, which isn’t unlike the rest of this year BUT I do think it’s a great time to get a little more festive with our activities. To help my own outlook as we countdown to the holidays and have fun with the kids, I have a list of doable Christmas activities—including easy recipes to make together and fun craft projects.

TIP: Don’t worry, none of these projects are all that involved! I am 100% realistic when it comes to making things with little kids! Download the printable calendar below.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

This list includes some of my very favorite easy Christmas Crafts for Kids. They’re perfect to do together in the days leading up to Christmas and are appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers who love to be hands on. You don’t need anything special for these projects and you probably have the majority in your house already!

edible-christmas-activitesChristmas Activities for Preschoolers

As I know with my four year old, preschoolers are getting to be more aware of time and traditions, so it’s a fun age to start new family traditions like these activities. We look forward to using these ideas to fill our Advent calendar and doing one a day in the days leading up to Christmas.

TIP: I don’t actually have an activity to do on Christmas day since I assume the kids will be playing with their presents but you can of course repeat any that you particularly enjoyed.


Free Christmas Countdown Calendar

You can download your free printable countdown calendar below. Just put in your email and it will come straight to you!

Easy Christmas Activities

And here’s a rundown of all of the activities if you want to try them with the kids!

  1. Write wish list
  2. Listen to holiday music
  3. Make cotton ball igloo
  4. Have Hot Cocoa
  5. Bake Sugar Cookies
  6. Go look at holiday lights
  7. Read holiday storybook
  8. Make handprint reindeer
  9. Have Vanilla Snow Milk
  10. Make Salt Dough ornaments
  11. Watch holiday movie
  12. Donate food
  13. Make paper snowflakes (We like to use coffee filters so they’re already round! Just fold in half twice, then cut little shapes on the folds.)
  14. Zoom with Santa
  15. Make Graham Cracker Houses
  16. Make coffee filter stars (Cut stars out of coffee filters and paint with watercolors. Let dry and hang in the windows.)
  17. Listen to holiday podcast
  18. Make fingerprint light garland
  19. Make holiday toast (Use holiday cookie cutters to cut out shapes, then add jam or butter!)
  20. Bake Gingerbread Cookies
  21. Make Strawberry Santa hats
  22. Read holiday storybook
  23. Chop carrots for reindeer
  24. Bake cookies for Santa
  25. Merry merry!

I’d love to hear your feedback on these activities if you try them. Find more fun edible activities in my little kids cookbook Food Play and my master list of free toddler activities here.

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