Take the work out of finding a kids water bottle that lasts, is durable, and is easy to clean with our top picks. Find fully vetted reviews on baby water bottles, toddler water bottles, and water bottles for big kids.

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Kids Water Bottles

Keeping the kids hydrated can often feel like an uphill climb, but having a water bottle the kids can access throughout the day is the simplest way to help. And, these bottles are ready to go on the road or in a backpack so you can take them when you head out of the house to activities, walks, games, or for travel.

I have talked a lot about sippy cups and keep my post with my top picks updated, but I wanted to dive a little deeper into water bottles since they are often different from what you’d use around the house for milk and smoothies.

In this post I will share tips on choosing the best kids water bottle, what to look for, the top picks for babies aged 6-12 months, toddlers, and big kids—all with info vetted by real parents. Plus, you’ll find bottles that fit into cup holders, a variety of ounces, dishwasher-safe options (though all are easy to clean with hand-washing), and more.

My goal is to help you avoid wasting money on bottles that won’t last and to provide the kids with a bottle that’s easy to drink from.

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How to Choose a Water Bottle

Here are some tips that may help when choosing a water bottle:

  • What material do I prefer for my kids?
  • What requirements do I have (if any), such as preference for a straw cup, dishwasher safe, easy to replace parts, and/or spill proof?
  • Do I need an insulated bottle to keep water cold or is room temperature okay?
  • Am I willing to spend a little more on a bottle that will last for years or am I okay with having to replace a less expensive one?

TIP: There are no right answers here, but knowing how you feel about some of those will help you make a pick.

kids hydroflask bottle

Top Kids Water Bottles

After three kids of my own and 9 years of parenting, plus polling my Instagram community, the top pick for kids water bottle goes to the Hydroflask Kids. It’s double-wall vacuum insulation keeps water cool, it comes in fun bright colors, the bottom has silicone for grip, and it has a straw that’s easy to drink from.

The components of the lid are easy to take apart and clean (which you should do regularly) and it comes with a straw replacement that connects to the spout. It’s perfect for younger and older kids.

The hard plastic of the lid is also very break-proof (and dent-resistant) and will hold up to even the most enthusiastic kid treatment of the bottle. (In our experience at least!)

This bottle has a higher price point, so it may be something to consider if you or the kids might misplace it. But we’ve been using the same two for three years and they’re as good as new.

Buy it: 12-ounce Hydroflask Kids Water Bottle

thermos funtainer kids water bottle

Best Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottle

The Thermos Funtainer is a great option because the lid keeps the straw lid clean, the button makes the lid easy for the kids to open and close on their own, and it keeps liquids cold for up to 12 hours.

I like this second best as I’ve found it to be a little less durable than the Hydroflask, but it’s still a great option. It also usually fits into a cup holder of a car or carseat. It’s also half the price of the Hydroflask and comes in a range of super fun colors.

You can buy replacement parts if the straw or other lid components ever need to be changed out too.

Buy it: 14-ounce Thermos Funtainer

kids camelback with yellow top

Favorite Toddler Water Bottles

The Camelback Eddy+ Kids 14-ounce bottle is an affordable bottle that’s super lightweight and easy to take on the go. And priced at less than $15, it’s not a huge deal if it gets lost and needs to be replaced.

This one is dishwasher safe and has an easy to clean top with a bite-valve mouthpiece. Keep an eye on the plastic for scratches as that would be sign that it’s time for a replacement. It is BPA-free, which is what we want in a plastic bottle.

It’s also leak-proof when closed and spill-proof when open, which is super handy since most bottles wind up laying down at some point! (You will always have better results if you store them right side up though.)

Buy it: Camelback Eddy+ Kids 14-ounce

kids skip hop water bottle

Favorite Baby Water Bottles

You can use the Hydroflask or Camelback with a baby or young children, though the straw may be a little large for their mouths. (Of the two, the Camelback is a better option. We started using the Hydroflask at about 18 months and it was fine.)

A better pick for a baby is the Thermos Funtainer mentioned above or the Skip Hop 12-ounce bottle which comes in the designs that we all love. They are nicely sized for little hands and are both get points for ease of cleaning.

You will likely need to replace the straw longterm (there is an extra one that comes with the bottle), but it’s a nice lightweight option to use with a baby aged 6-12 months. It’s also pretty spill proof when the top cap is down as the straw sort of folds over on itself.

(Brush up on when it’s a good idea to start offering baby water here.)

Buy it: Skip Hop 12-ounce Bottle

smoothie cups in row on countertop.

Best Smoothie Cups

You can find my full run-down of all of the best smoothie cups, with options for big and little kids (as well as parents).

How to Clean a Kids Water Bottle

The easiest way to clean a water bottle is to use the very thin straw brush that came with it and take the top apart to fully clean the pieces.

Also, be sure to let it fully dry to avoid mildew or mold after cleaning.

What’s the best spill proof water bottle?

We like the Thermos Funtainer and the Camelback options for ones that are spill proof. (Though 100% spill proof is a really hard promise since tops may not be fully closed and there’s always the real life factor. When possible, keep any bottle upright.)


What’s the best straw water bottle for baby?

We like the Skip Hop Straw Bottle, the Camelback option, and there are a few other straw cups that work nicely for milk in my sippy cups review post.

Best Tips for Kids Water Bottles

  • Consider the material you prefer when shopping for a water bottle.
  • When using plastic, keep an eye out for scratches as that would indicate that it’s time to replace the bottle.
  • Follow manufacturer’s tips on washing and to know if a bottle is dishwasher safe.
  • Use a straw brush to thoroughly clean the straw, and take apart the lids and let it dry to prevent mildew.
  • Try to carry bottles upright to reduce the likelihood of spills.
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This post was first published January 2022.

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  1. Thank you for this review! We went with the Thermos Funtainer as a first non-sippy cup water bottle for our 2-year-olds. They’re doing great with it though we do work on keeping it upright and they’re still learning how to keep it from dripping on them in the car. It’s just all part of learning something different. I bought an extra set of straws and silicone lids so I can put those parts in the dishwasher more often and just rinse out the bottles every night if they’re not too dirty.

  2. The word thermos is a genericized trademark used sometimes, since the early 20th century, as a term for any vacuum-insulated flask regardless of manufacturer.