These new snacks from Mission MightyMe are officially our favorite nut and fruit puffs. They are a perfect snack for babies and toddlers and an easy and safe way to offer nuts to kids. And they’re totally yummy!

mission mighty. me fruit puffs on counter.

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Fruit Puffs

Baby puffs are a go-to early snack, as they are quick-dissolve and easy to take on the go. There are many to choose from, but the options from Mission MightyMe are awesome since they have both fruit and nuts. They have delicious, fresh-fruit flavor and are an easy way to offer peanuts and tree nuts to little kids regularly, which we want to do to help lower the rates of kids with food allergies.

Because whether starting baby on homemade baby food purees or with the baby-led weaning foods, the recommendation is to introduce common food allergens early and often—which multiple studies, including the LEAP study, have shown can decrease food allergy risks. (Food allergy rates have doubled over the past 10 years, so having a plan for potentially allergenic foods is really important when feeding kids.)

I love having easy and safe options on hand, such as my Peanut Butter Puree, starting at 6 months, and these baby peanut puffs, starting closer to 9 months, or when baby develops their pincer grasp and can pick up small pieces of foods with their fingers.

(If there are risk factors such as eczema or a family history of food allergies, be sure to talk to your own pediatrician or allergist for information specific to your child.)

two packages of mission mighty me puffs on counter.

Mission MightyMe Puffs

Mission MightyMe, which you may know for their classic proactive Peanut Puff and mixed Nut Butter Puff, recently added two fruit flavors: Strawberry and Banana Peanut Butter. These are made from peanuts and real strawberries and bananas with no added sugars or artificial flavors. They have the classic peanut butter and jelly flavor, only with less mess and in a format that’s easier for babies and toddlers to eat.

Plus, they taste great (even to me as an adult!) and have a fun star shape, which the kids love. (This is a perfect addition to a Valentine’s Day snack or lunch.)

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baby lunchbox on countertop.

Ways to Serve Peanut Puffs

We love to incorporate puffs into baby snacks and toddler snacks regularly, and they are always on hand in our pantry. Peanut puffs pair nicely for lunch or snack with the following nutritious foods:

  • Berries, hummus, and cucumbers as a simple lunch (shown above)
  • Berries, banana, or sliced apple
  • Cheese (either diced or shredded)
  • Plain whole-milk yogurt
  • Shredded chicken or scrambled egg

How to Store

These baby puffs come in a resealable bag, so be sure to close it tightly after it’s open to keep them fresh. Or, transfer to snack containers or a baby lunch box to take some on the go.

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