These are my best tips to continue to feed your family without anxiety or stress, as much as is possible, in times of natural disasters, extended illnesses, stay home orders, and more.


25 Simple Ways to Keep Kids Healthy

There’s no fool-proof way to keep the kids healthy, especially if you ever want to leave the house, but I hope that these tips give you some clear ways to reduce germs in kids. And of course: Stay home if anyone is sick!

How to Freeze Milk for Kids

f you’re heading out of town and have some milk in the fridge you don’t want to go to waste or you’re looking to have a little extra on hand, these two simple ways to freeze milk will answer all of your questions about if you can do it—and exactly how to thaw it!

pantry staples for a familyBest Pantry Staples for Your Family

Having a few extra food items on hand can make last minute meals—or meals on days when you don’t feel much like cooking—much easier. And they can be helpful should you get stuck at home with a sick kiddo. Here are my go-to pantry staples for families by food group.

Kid-Friendly Pantry Recipes

I’m a big fan of easy meals and being able to throw a meal together from pantry staples is such a huge help on busy days…or on days at the end of the week when we’re running low on groceries. These are my go-to pantry recipes that both kids and adults.

best frozen foods for families

20 Best Frozen Foods to Keep Stocked for Your Family

Having a smart freezer stash of some of the best healthy frozen foods can be a great safety net for super busy days—or weeks when you can’t make it to the grocery store. Here are my go-to family-friendly frozen foods.

15 Best Shelf Stable Foods for Kids

If you’re trying to decide which extra foods to have on hand in the event of an emergency or prolonged illness, it can feel overwhelming to decide in the moment. These 15 best shelf-stable foods for kids are pantry staples that can form the base of many healthy meals and snacks.

food-in-storage-containersHow to Store Produce So Fruits and Veggies Last Longer

Make the most of the produce you buy—and reduce food waste and maximize your food budget in the process—with these easy tips to make your produce last longer. Find tips for fruit like berries and bananas, avocado, broccoli, green beans, and more.

How to Freeze Greens for Smoothies

Learn how to freeze greens like kale and baby spinach to use in smoothies and muffins to avoid wasting fresh greens and serve them up in kid-friendly ways.


35 No-Cook Meals for Kids

If you have kids home during the day and you need some easy ideas for lunch or even dinner, these no-cook meal ideas will help. I love relying on these sorts of ideas since they’re easy and usually, very well received by the kids.

50 Simple Toddler Meals

If you’re short on time or energy to cook or just need a few easy ideas for meals to serve the kids, these are my go-to easy meal ideas.

pantry recipes in grid of 6Make-Ahead Dinners

Most of these can be stored in the freezer, so this is a great place to start if you plan to cook ahead and freeze meals for the future.

Make-Ahead Breakfasts

All of these healthy recipes for kids can be made ahead and stored in the fridge or freezer, so they’re a great way to batch prep some easy breakfast options for the kids and for yourself.


100 Free Activities for Kids

Keep the kids busy (at least a little bit longer!) with my master list of free activities for kids—which includes games, pretend play ideas, arts and crafts, outside activities, and more.

10 Toddler Activities to Do Together in the Kitchen

If you have the kids around and are looking for ways to incorporate them into the things you need to be doing anyway, these tips to have them in the kitchen with you might help.

General Thoughts About Reducing Anxiety

I recently asked my Instagram followers how they were managing their anxiety (because I’m personally not doing a great job of it!) and I got some really wonderful ideas. Here are some of them and do feel free to add your tips in the comments!

  • Follow news only from trusted sources.
  • Limit time on social media.
  • Doing yoga together as a family.
  • Getting outside.
  • Not looking at investment accounts.
  • Being prepared with a little extra food, but not panic-buying or hoarding.
  • Listening to and playing music.
  • Putting phones on airplane mode in the evenings.
  • Remembering that we’re all in this together.

If You Need Supplies, Food or Support

I’m not a public health expert, but let’s all ditch our pride and make sure we reach out for help and check in on people who may need it. So whether that means food insecurity, childcare issues, checking on elderly or neighbors—do what you can. And rely on your local resources like food banks, churches, and public health departments as needed.

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