Keep the kids busy (at least for a little bit!) with these free Thanksgiving printables. They’re a fun way to talk about being thankful and to help the kids decide which parts of the holiday dinner they like best.

thanksgiving printables on countertop

Thanksgiving Printables

My kids love coloring pages and I love how they can help make a holiday feel a little more special—with hardly any work on our part. I made this set of four Thanksgiving printables to help keep your kids occupied, if only temporarily, and to help them engage with the holiday.

Included in the set of coloring pages are:

  • Give Thanks
  • I am Thankful for (with lines to write in some things the kids appreciate)
  • Leaves
  • Turkey Day Taste Test (with stars so the kids can rate the different elements of the meal as a way to make trying new foods more fun)

Many of the holiday foods will be new to the kids, so by focusing on letting them taste things and decide how they like them, you can make the experience fun and engaging, rather than full of pressure.

The key to using these is to let the kids take the lead so they can explore and have fun with the ideas. They can do as much or as little as they want, no worries at all.

We love to do these on Thanksgiving Day (and then plan to do Salt Dough Ornaments the following day, of course!)

Free Printables for Kids

Grab your set of the free printables. All you need to do is to sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get instant access to ALL of my freebies, checklists, and templates. Yay!


Best Tips for Printing Coloring Pages

Here’s more specifics on how to use these printables.

  • Download the file when you sign up for my newsletter and free Resource Library. It contains a 4-page pdf.
  • Print it. It’s black and white on regular letter size paper, so you can use a regular printer!
  • Let the kids color it and fill them out, or work with them if they aren’t quite writing words yet.
  • Save, hang on the fridge, or send to grandma as desired!

I’d love to hear your feedback on this post, so please comment below!

This post was first published November 2020.

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